Just Do It.

Maybe you’ve heard that before? But it’s true—there comes a point where you need to stop make excuses and just do it. This morning, I slept until 10:30, and it was glorious. Despite being well-rested, though, I still didn’t feel like running. I putzed around for awhile before realizing that waiting wouldn’t make me want to run any more, either. So, after some motivational tweets, I went out for my planned 8-mile run. My Garmin died and I overestimated my turnaround point, so 8 miles actually turned into 8.75—score! 

When you run long distances (and “long distance” is relative to whatever distance you’re training for—2-3 miles could be a “long run” if you were training for a 5K), the long run is supposed to be slow, so my Garmin dying was kind of a blessing, as I wasn’t looking at my pace every few minutes.

I run for bagels.

And yes, that’s my little Charlie Brown Christmas tree back there :):

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