Non-Scale Victories

Today, my mom and I drove past a Wendy’s as we pulled out of the Target parking lot. I remember, just two years ago, feigning extreme hunger so that we HAD to stop there. Today? I got a little nauseous looking at it. (I also have a serious headache from all the sugary goodies I’ve had in the past few days.)

Healthy is my new normal, so I don’t realize often how much I’ve changed, until I realize little things like this.

I came home and went for leftovers. The green beans were a last minute addition when I realized there was nothing green on the plate.

I’M SO EXCITED IT’S CHRISTMAS SEASON. E-mail me at theodora AT theodorablanchfield dot com if you’d like to be on my Christmas card list 😉

What about you? Any recent non-scale victories?

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