Working From Home For the Win!

Why Working from Home (Sometimes) Beats Going Into the Office:

  • Commuting is rolling over and grabbing your laptop
  • You can wear your jammies. I’m currently wearing leggings and a Strokes t-shirt.
  • You can work with your dog.
  • It’s MUCH quieter.
  • You don’t have to carry your food with you.
  • If you’re working from your parents’ home, your mom will make you breakfast. (Well, my mom will…)

In all seriousness, though, I worked from home for a few months earlier this year and I went totally stir-crazy. Being single and living alone, that was a little too much time without interacting with another human.

An omelette with bruschetta, whole wheat toast with some butter and coffee in my mom’s Cinderella cup. A lot of my favorite food bloggers say they take their food pics outside because the lighting is better. In NYC, to take my food pics outside, I’d have to either get on the elevator and take it up to my roof or take the elevator downstairs and take it out on the street. Which would be gross.

But not too crazy. I’ve seen crazier in NYC.

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