4 Days Till Move Day!

And I’m making my list and checking it twice.

I’m finding a new dog walker (thanks Emily!), confirming the mover and cleaning my current apartment so I don’t have to “broom-clean” it too much after the move. 

I’ve been thinking a lot about this staying healthy over the holidays—maybe a little too much—and I’ve decided that if a pound or two should sneak on over the holidays, it’s okay if it’s worth it. If it’s from enjoying food I love with family or friends or having my favorite treat. If it’s from eating extra because it’s around my apartment or it’s easier, it’s not necessarily worth it to me. If I’m talking a lot about this lately, it’s because this whole maintaining my weight around the holidays thing is new to me—I was still trying to lose weight last year, and before that I didn’t care about my health.

For lunch, I had leftovers from the other night:

It’s broccoli, chicken, carrots, kale and brown rice stir fried with some sesame oil and soy sauce.

When I got out of work, I ran to the subway to make it to the gym for a kickboxing class. After missing a class I wanted to take last night, I was determined to make it tonight, and thankfully, I did. I forgot a sports bra and a headband so jumping around and kicking was definitely a little, um, interesting, but I got a damn good workout and it definitely kicked some more of those winter blues I’ve been battling lately. I also took a long walk at lunch up to the Lululemon store by Lincoln Center. Getting in as much walking as possible has helped me a lot lately. Even if it’s freezing, it’s still better than being inside.

For dinner, I failed on the cooking front. Despite Emily and I rescheduling dinner plans so we could go to the gym and cook the food we had in our apartments. I have such a random assortment of food left (don’t worry, mostly stuff that can be moved) that I have no idea how to combine to make a meal. Plus, by the time I got home from the gym and walked Bailey, it was 8:30.

I’m really excited for the move—I’ll be walking distance from work, so I will be getting more walking in by running home some days to walk Bailey, and walking to work. I’ll also have to walk past my gym on my way to and from work, so it will be extra motivation.

And I’m going to get back outside and run tomorrow. In the cold. 

Check back then for a fun giveaway, too!

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