A Day in the Life Of…

…or, why I don’t always cook.


No, not quite. Maybe it’s a little more like this?

No, wait. Not that, either. The only dude in my bed these days is:


Snuggle up on the subway with hundreds of my closest friends, hope not to pick up bedbugs from any of them.

Run up subway stairs to work.

Drink sustaining lifeblood until human.

Make social media magic for 8ish hours.

6pmish: back on the subway.

6:30/6:45ish-7:30: Work out.

8ish: Walk Bailey

So, by the time I can start cooking, it’s already after 8. And I don’t want this:

I want this:

Or maybe this:

If I cook, it’s sometimes close to 9:30 by the time I’m done cooking, eating and cleaning up after dinner. And then it’s time for this again:

I have busier days than this, and I have less busy days than this, but this is a typical-ish day. I know there’s also people who have WAY busier days than this, but this is my day.

Or, I’m just kind of lazy about cooking.

With that said, I’m trying to cook more/prepare food in advance. How do you balance a busy life with cooking healthy food for yourself after a long day?

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