Holy Hangover

That’s not a title you see often in health blog world. It’s not healthy to have too many glasses of wine, is it? Well, sometimes you gotta have fun and throw moderation to the wind and put on your elf hat.

(photo via Ashley)

I drank too much when I lived in D.C. Now that I think about it, if I was laying around my apartment or walking around in a fog all weekend, it’s no wonder I was so unhappy. These days, I still enjoy my cocktails, but I also enjoy waking up and working out, and so I put early morning races and training sessions on my calendar on the weekends so that I don’t party too hard.

It started as a necessity—in order to lose the weight I wanted by Aruba last year, I had to work out with Joel on Saturday mornings. If I had too much to drink, I’d be drinking extra calories and wasting my sessions. But as I started running more races and getting my workouts out of the way earlier, I started genuinely enjoying it.

But with nothing planned for today, I got quite the arm workout last night lifting my wine glass to my lips and repeating and dancing. And I had an amazing time with Ashley, her husband and their friends last night at their ugly sweater party.

I ordered breakfast from Kitchenette, since I’m moving and they won’t deliver to my new apartment.

After watching some TV and futzing around online, I walked over to Pump to use another one of my gift certificates.

And now that I’m feeling better, I’m going to go take a Bikram yoga class and sweat the rest of this wine out. What kind of workouts do you do when hungover?

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