My Life in Boxes

I cannot believe that I am moving in a week. I’m definitely excited to try out a new ‘hood, but I’ll miss this one a little bit—I’ve gotten used to it. I’ll definitely miss my apartment. It’s pretty big by Manhattan standards and I have good closet space. My new apartment, however, will have awesome views and be more convenient to work and…well, the rest of the city.

But last night, I went to a friend’s birthday at a bar around the corner. Despite dragging all week because I’ve been imbibing a bit more than usual, I had a few drinks and ordered some sliders and fries.

This morning, I woke up and did a quick workout with Exercise TV and then ran over to Dunkin’ Donuts to get breakfast for my mom and myself. (She came in to help me pack.)

My life currently looks a lot like this:

And this:

But my mom and I got a lot done (she’s an organizing ninja), so I should hopefully be able to enjoy most of the next week without having much packing hanging over my head. Except for the cookie swap I’m missing out on right now because I’m sick to my stomach 🙁

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