My NYC Half-Marathon Training Plan

Or, How I Plan to Break a Sub-2:00 Half-Marathon.

Since a few people have asked, below is my half-marathon training schedule, designed my wonderful friend Lizzy. Sundays will likely be rest days, Mondays will be either a yoga or strength class/workout, Wednesdays will be some sort of cross training (bike or elliptical), and Fridays will be for yoga.

I was originally contemplating this plan from Hal Higdon (but it was way too much running for me):

or one from Runner’s World Smart Coach, but having a friend who knows me and my running abilities help me with a plan ended up being the best way to go for me. It technically starts on January 1, but I’m just repeating week 1 this week and next week.

(Which means I may run 8 miles on Christmas…or the day after, which is a bit more likely.)

I got back my pictures from this weekend’s race, and they’re not bad!

Secret to taking decent race photos? Look for the photographer. Smile at anyone you see holding a D-SLR. Run with your thumbs on up of your fist all ready to wind up into a big thumbs-up.

So, you may have noticed a severe lack of food photos lately. I’ve been eating pretty much the same things. Oatmeal for breakfast, and lunches  and dinners you’ve seen before. You’re not missing much. Don’t worry, I’m still eating healthily. Except for those cookies.

But those are healthy for my soul.

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