Better Than I Was Before

Truth be told, I feel like I’m not as “good” at being healthy lately as I have been.

And I’m okay with that.

Being healthy is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s something I’m going to do for life. It’s not a diet, so it’s okay if I’m not perfect at it, because I’m not perfect at life. (Hard to believe, I know. HAHAHAHAHA.)

I’ve been having a few more cocktails lately. I’ve been skipping a few more workouts (but still getting [most of] my runs in!)

But I’ve also been having more fun. Being spontaneous and going to more happy hours and scheduling more fun stuff, rather than thinking “but I need to work out.”

Choosing a clean apartment over a body cleansed by sweat.

It’s part of life’s ebbs and flows. Sometimes I crave lots of exercise, sometimes I crave lots of fun. If I can’t achieve a balance by the day (because working out in the morning and then being social after work can, truthfully, be really tiring), then hopefully I can by the week or month.

If I can’t be better than I was yesterday, then I just want to be better than I was before. To work out more. To eat better. To be more thankful and mindful. To watch where my money goes (and have that not be a black hole or a bar tab.)

Sometimes we can only make the healthier choice, not the healthiest choice.

So today that meant trying not to get too upset with myself for sleeping through my run this morning. I can’t change that, and I’m not skipping out on tonight’s plans. So, I’m making sure to get a little more walking in. And to keep my meals as healthy as possible so it’s not a big deal if I skip a workout or eat some bar food.

Because, to me, a life without the occasional bar food is not a life worth living.

Lunch today, knowing there’s happy hour at the end of the tunnel, was brown rice, cauliflower and a turkey burger.

(It’s not the prettiest, but it was tasty.)

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