Happy New Year!

I woke up this morning in my pajamas. With my makeup taken off. A New Year’s miracle. 

Last year, my New Year’s was AWFUL. I spent a lot of money on a hotel party, and we had to wait in line, in the snow, for an hour and a half. We got inside and there was no coat check. They were out of hors d’oeuvres. The drinks were in paper cups. (Once we got drinks, it was okay, but still.)

So this year when Ashley asked me to join her and a group of her friends for dinner, that sounded just my speed. 

After starting with drinks at Ashley’s, we went to a place in the West Village called La Lanterna di Vittorio for their 10:30 seating.

Even though none of us had wanted to go to a bar or club for New Year’s, we didn’t really want to go to a quiet restaurant either, and it was a little quiet when we first sat down. So we started the evening with shots. Straight vodka. Chased with water. 

The first course after our vodka course was salad. Arugula with fresh parmiggiano. 

Next up was sweet potato soup. This was AMAZING. Everyone that didn’t get this had serious food envy.

Dinner was pesto lasagna. We had a choice between three different lasagnas, but I asked which one had the least cheese in it. I love lasagna, but there’s usually too much cheese in it for my sensitive stomach.

Happy New Year!

How hungover are you today?

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