At 21, it was driving to the West Virginia border from D.C. to see the “Wild, Wonderful West Virginia” sign, because we thought it was funny.

At 27, spontaneity is heading up to Woodbury Commons (NYC friends: it is worth the bus ride or Zipcar for the deals you’ll get. Also, THERE IS A LULULEMON OUTLET.) late on a Saturday afternoon with Emily and then heading to my parents’ house for a slumber party and showing Emily where I’m from. 

Our original plan was actually to do the outlets today and then come back and have my mom’s spaghetti, but we got back here around 9:00 last night, so she just made us some appetizers, like the above tequila lime wings.

My mom’s making the sauce now to send back with us into the city, and she’s giving Emily a lesson on how to make it. That means Emily’s in the inner circle; my mom doesn’t share this recipe with just anyone.

This morning, my mom made us breakfast: omelettes with bruschetta and a little mozarella and whole wheat toast.

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