Thirsty Thursday?

(Did you celebrate that in college? I certainly did and it was usually far better than a Friday or Saturday night out.)

Lunch today was a Kashi meal (lemongrass coconut chicken). I feel like this falls somewhere near “meh,” or yellow, on the healthy threat level. Its nutritional stats are fine, but…it’s frozen. 

But moving on to a more interesting part of my day, we did happy hour in a conference room at work.

A vendor sent my boss wine and cheese, and he didn’t feel like lugging it home to Jersey, so we called it a day a little early and popped open the wine and cheese in a conference room. I walked out holding my corkscrew and with red wine teeth, so I’m not sure how discreet we ended up being…

I wasn’t going to blog it (because I really don’t blog *everything,*) but Jessie, my coworker thought it would “be good for the blog.” You can thank her.

After I’d started happy hour, I decided that my outfit was too cute to head home, so I met Meredith and Liz for another glass of wine.

I cannot figure out how to turn off my flash when my camera is in auto mode (with the new lens), so excuse the semi-lame photo. That, and I don’t know where in my new apartment to take decent self-photos.

But the head-to-toe, especially since you can only see head-to-waist:

  • lots of Bumble & Bumble hair product, per usual
  • BCBG leather blazer
  • random Ann Taylor loft long-sleeved tee
  • J. Crew leggings
  • Coach heels

I’m such a conservative dresser (a holdover from my chunky days, and living in DC for seven years), that I do feel pretty awesome when I put together what I think is a badass outfit.

And a veggie pita and sweet potato fries from a vegetarian place on my way home. The sweet potato fries were a non-negotiable, but their best deal was pita + fries + a drink. I kept telling them I didn’t want a drink, hoping they’d come to some kind of deal, but no dice. Random bottle of water for the win?

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