Turning Off

I just said on Twitter that I’d turn my computer off at 8pm. I had to take Bailey out, so I’m giving myself a 15-minute extension.

I had another headache this afternoon, so I had to miss my Junior League meeting tonight. I’ve had a lot of headaches lately, and I’m not sure why, so I’m trying to just rest and take care of myself before they get any worse. And drink more water. Um, and eat sushi. It’s good for the soul, if not the wallet.

[Dumb blogger mistake: I didn’t have my card in my camera at lunch, and the cord’s at work. But imagine how awesome it was: hummus, pita, falafel, chicken, a potsticker and tabbouleh, all from the work cafeteria, and all for $4.85!]

My head has been swimming with to-do lists lately—work, blog, Junior League, life. I can easily find stuff I need to do from when I get home at night until when I go to sleep. And if I’m not doing them, I usually have my laptop in front of me, idly checking Tumblr, Twitter, blogs.

I’m generally not super-lonely any more (I used to feel really alone in D.C.), but I do live alone and I’m single, so I do feel lonely from time to time. (And, I’m human.) I can too easily waste a night doing absolutely nothing on my laptop, using it as a crutch so I never feel alone. But this also means I don’t often shut down and just CHILL on my own.

So, I’m going to turn off my TV, the e-mail on my phone, my laptop, and curl up with a good book  the Kindle app on my iPad. (Turning off the wireless over on that, too!) My to-do list and the internets will still be here tomorrow.

Have a good night, y’all!

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