You Can’t Win All of Them…


  • I read an e-mail too quickly, thought I was free tonight, and had to then cancel on Ashley to see Billy Elliot. I was really excited to see it and am bummed I had to let Ashley down.
  • I lugged a bag of gym clothes to work and forgot my shorts, so I couldn’t work out at lunch, and now I have a meeting tonight.
  • I couldn’t find a pair of jeans in the right size AND wash. (#firstworldproblems)


  • The jeans that did fit, just in the wrong color, were a size 27! HEY OHHHH non-scale victory!
  • I still got out of the office at lunch and got a wee bit of Vitamin D.
  • I engaged in a little retail therapy and got a Moleskine. I hope it’s as life-changing as everyone says it is.
  • Someone pitched me about something for my blog this afternoon and said they “liked my images.” I’ve been trying to take better photos lately, so I’m glad the effort’s paying off! (Or maybe she was just being nice. Whatevs. Take compliments where ya get ‘em, right?)
  • And I braved a dress I’ve been a little self-conscious about wearing. Cashmere, meet curves. (And crappy bathroom mirror.)

And I brought lunch. It wasn’t fabulous, it’s not pretty, but it was filling.

A sweet potato, spinach, salsa, brown rice and a chicken sausage.

I told you it wasn’t pretty.

I see wine (at my meeting. Yes.) and sushi in my future.

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