This afternoon, as I sat on my couch getting stuff done, I made a few trips to the kitchen to nibble on some of the corn tortilla chips leftover from last night.

I don’t usually keep tortilla chips around, so I was thinking of how I could incorporate them in something healthier or more substantial than a jar of salsa when I read about Kath’s nachos. Perfect!

I went to the grocery store and got ingredients for those nachos as well as a few other things I’m going to make tonight (look at me planning ahead!!)


In my nachos:

  • some cheese
  • bison, sauteed with onions, cumin and chili pepper
  • bell peppers
  • black beans

I cooked the bison, black beans and onions together and then put them on top of the chips, threw a little cheese on top of it all and baked it for 7 minutes.

I made a little guacamole (sea salt, cilantro, grape tomatoes, a tiny shake of chili pepper and an avocado) and put it on the side.

Except as I was putting the chips on the baking sheet, I realized I wanted to have leftovers, so I bought another bag, therefore defeating the purpose. Oops.

2 comments on “Mex-cellent!

  1. Sarah Jayne

    I <3 nachos. Tortilla chips & fresh salsa are my ultimate kryptonite. I could easily demolish an entire bag & jar all by myself. Very embarassing that I know this is a fact….!


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