After the Race

After I’ve crossed the finish line, there are three things I want, in no particular order, once the initial mild nausea subsides:

  • beer
  • food
  • water.

Luckily, the race organizers take care of the water and hand out some pretzels and fruit. The race ended in Tribeca/Battery Park City, near my old apartment in the Financial District. After grabbing a coffee with my mom, I headed over to the Stone Street Tavern to meet up with Erica, Jess and some other awesome people.

photo 1.JPG

I think I was craving some sort of sandwich with fries, but nothing sounded good, so I got this banana foster French toast, which ended up being WAY too rich for my sensitive post-race stomach, and I only ate about half of it.

photo 2.JPG

The bacon was perfect. Will run for bacon.

Afterwards, I headed back uptown to the Port Authority to head out to NJ for my cousin’s husband’s (cousin-in-law?) birthday.



They ordered pizza from Lodi Pizza (only the best pizza in NJ ever), and it was amazing with a Rolling Rock.

photo 4.JPG

And some birthday cake.

Today, I got back to healthy food and had some boring meals for breakfast and lunch and some fun food at book club. Back to some regular meals and posting tomorrow. Miraculously, I wasn’t too sore today. I did lots of stretching after the race and at the party in NJ yesterday and even brought my stick, which was the hit of the party.

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