An Awful Run

With my ball coming up, I’ve had to shift around my running schedule. I’m doing my long run before work tomorrow (?!?!?!), and I did my “easy” run last night.

Except it was anything but easy.

Remember what a nice day it was at lunch yesterday? Well, I had hoped for the same when I got out of work and was planning to run outside at night–something I don’t usually do in the winter, for obvious reasons. (The cold, if it wasn’t obvious to you.)

But as I walked home last night, I psyched myself up for the run. “You do long runs outside in freezing weather, you can totally handle 4-5 miles outside.” When I got home, I went inside and quickly got changed before I could change my mind.

Between a tough speedwork session the day before and the cold and the wind, this run sucked beyond belief. I felt like I was running in place, and my legs felt like lead. My pace was really slow (for me) for such a short run. As I ran to my turnaround spot, I revised my plan to take me off the windy, windy river and run a bit more on the streets, where it would hopefully be less windy. As I got near the Duane Reade I wanted to stop at to pick a few things, the RunKeeper app on my iPhone (I forgot to charge my Garmin) read 3.4 miles. Good enough.

I’m not gonna lie–I came home and ate my feelings in takeout–a turkey burger and sweet potato fries.


(This photo stolen from one of my own old post–I didn’t have a beer last night.)

DSC_0050.JPG DSC_0049.JPG

This morning, I went back to the sunflower butter and banana sandwich. I’m addicted, what can I say?

I really hope these crappy runs mean a good race. I had a TERRIBLE run last year right before this half and went on to have an amazing race, so, fingers crossed.

9 comments on “An Awful Run

  1. Dorry

    I had a teribly CRAPPY and challenging run on Monday of this week. I kept thinking, “how the hell am I going to run 13.1 again if I’m sucking this bad at 8…”, but I think those runs make us stronger! And come race day, our training and dedication will prevail. xo

  2. andrea liese

    i stole your breakfast, except mine is double fiber and almond butter, with every single part of the toast covered with banana (cause i dont like it by itself). so thanks for the breakfast idea that i now am also addicted too 😉

  3. Amy

    Sorry about your bad run last night! 🙁 But, maybe the random bad ones make us appreciate the great ones even more?! Kudos to you for still running outside last night!

  4. Hilary

    Thanks for sharing! I had to do my long run (10 miles) on the treadmill today due to the crazy rain…my time was good since I really pushed myself but it was pretty brutal at times…I feel like I’m paying for it now!


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