I Can Do Anything I Want, But Not Everything I Want

(That quotation is courtesy of Gretchen Rubin and The Happiness Project–read my review.)

I have the power in me to do anything I want, but I can’t do everything I want.

No matter how hard I try.

There’s just not 36 hours in a day, though sometimes I forget this, and sometimes I forget my natural proclivities. (Like, no matter how hard I try, I’m just not a morning exerciser, most of the time.)

So, it’s okay…

…that sometimes the laundry stays on my chair for a few days before I fold it

…or the dishes, in the sink, before I put them away.

…that sometimes, when I order takeout, I still eat the whole damn thing, even if it’s actually enough to last three meals.

…that I might not make my goal of 2:00 for my half-marathon this weekend.

…that I’m nervous about running half-marathons back to back to back (because, really, that is kind of a lot.)

…that sometimes I feel a little overextended–so long as I recognize this and do something about it.

…that I don’t always cook, just as long as I cook most of the time, or even just more than I used to.

…to have frozen pizza for dinner sometimes (it is “healthy” pizza–Amy’s)


…that on top of…

…trying to be extra awesome at work because my company got sold

…co-chair a committee that does all of the PR and social media for an organization of 3,000 women

…write a blog that I’m really, really proud of

…training for three half-marathons

…trying to have a little fun in this crazy city

…that I am having a hard time making those nutrition classes a priority on top of all that and will likely end up dropping them 🙁

And it’s still okay…

that I’m still single (although, hey, if you know a nice guy ;))

…that I’m still a little forgetful sometimes

…that I’m still a little disorganized

…that I haven’t blogged my way to a book deal yet.

26 comments on “I Can Do Anything I Want, But Not Everything I Want

  1. River

    That pizza looks so good! I agree with you on the takeout thing. Even if while you get it you think “I’m not going to eat it all”, but then do. It’s okay, I think most of us do that!

  2. Carol Blanchfield

    True, you can’t do it all, noone can, don’t worry about all you have to do, do only what you can, set goals you can keep
    that is more than enough.
    Live your life and be happy, laughter is the best way to
    get through your daily chores, and a little pizza and
    spagetti can’t hurt either!!!!!

    Oh, and yes we are proud of you and love you


  3. Lizzy

    I love that quote and I need to read that book. I think we should both do a series of posts like this maybe once a month. Just know no one is perfect but you are damn impressive! Xo

  4. Sarah Jayne

    Ahhh so true. But better to try and fail then not try at all…and based on the fact that you are balancing (and ROCKING) so many *important* things already, it seems like you are doing pretty damn okay by my standards!

    PS lurve your moms comment. she knows whats up!!

  5. melissa

    You’ve definitely acheived a ton and inspire me everyday! I’m glad to be lucky enough to know you in person. I was single FOREVER! Like most of my post-high school life, so enjoy it now and you’ll find someone great soon.

  6. Alison

    GREAT post! This is something that I have just started learning and accepting in myself. My daily to-do lists are always totally unrealistic, and then I beat myself up when I can’t get it all done. I need to stop setting myself up for failure!

    You are doing great — a total inspiration! You’re totally going to rock your races 🙂

  7. Caitlin

    I love this! I posted something similar a few weeks back. Sometimes it’s okay to just let things be how they are! I also love, love, loved that book!


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