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The other day, Ashley said something that’s stuck with me since. It’s simple, but isn’t it often the simple truths that make the most sense?

We were talking about morning workouts, and I was talking about the torrid love affair I have with my snooze button, and she said this (or, um, something close to this):

“The energy you get from a workout in the morning is so much better than you get from snoozing.”

It’s true, and it’s similar to “you never regret a workout.” Even if the morning workout sucks, you still have the pleasure of having crossed something off your to-do list before you even get to work.

I thought of this this morning when I woke up at 5:45 (!) for a fitness assessment at Equinox. It comes with your membership, but I’d never taken advantage of it. The trainer took me through a series of some weird exercises designed to determine how fit and flexible I am. I also have a free session with him on Thursday (morning, since I’m trying to do that), and I’ll learn more then about how I did on the assessment and what that means–and obviously I’ll share it.


I had a little extra time after getting back, so I even made breakfast at home. Oatmeal, water and almond milk with a tablespoon of sunflower butter. sprinkled with some pumpkin spice and topped with a banana.


Lunch was last night’s leftovers in a Henri Bendel bag from the swag bag at the ball, which makes lunch just a smidge more exciting than usual.

While I may not have the morning workout thing down (and truthfully, I may never), check out some tips my blogger buddies gave Woman’s Day on how to stay motivated to workout in the morning.

Oh, and I’ve already walked five miles today, and I haven’t even run yet!

6 comments on “Up and At ‘Em

  1. River

    I like it!

    I have just started doing my workout in the morning. It’s not that I’m not a morning person…I just don’t feel like working out as soon as I get up, before work.

    However, what she said is quite inspiring!

  2. mindy

    Mornings are rough for me. I always say I want to do them, but I’m such a night owl by nature, it’s hard to get up earlier than I already do!

  3. Dorry

    I’ve never been a snoozer – once I’m awake, I’m up, and I love what Ashley said because it’s TRUE! Morning workouts power me through the day. Good for you for getting to the early class!

  4. Kimra

    I’ve lived with myself long enough to know that if I don’t work out in the morning – weekends somewhat excepted because I can run in the afternoons – I just won’t do it. When it was a battle of now vs. later, it was easier to let later win, but I’ve learned that for me it’s now vs. never.

    Doesn’t mean I don’t still snooze, though.

    Does anyone else set their alarm for earlier than necessary to allow for snoozing and still get where you need to go on time? I do that but I bet it drives my neighbors crazy.

  5. Carol Blanchfield

    Ok, this is what I do in the morning wake up pile the car with paper recyling bring to the curb, long walk to the sidewalk, feed the cats in the basement, up and down the stairs, make lunch, fix the patio chairs from the long cold winter, up the stairs again to throw in the first load of wash for the day, race to the front of the yard to get a picture of the fischer,(strange looking animal in Franklin Lakes) Oh and I can’t forget to make my list for the day
    that is my excercise before 7:30am


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