Why You Really Need BodyGlide

A few weeks ago, I bought a Camelbak.

I wore it on every long run between then and my half-marathon Sunday, and I had no problems with it.


Then I ran in it for exactly two hours, one minute and 41 seconds.

You may never have noticed (and I actually can’t find a picture that shows it), but I was born with a mole on my neck. It never really bothered me, so I never had it removed. That, and I am pretty afraid of needles and medical procedures, beyond donating blood and procedures I am put under for (what I’m not awake for can’t hurt me, right?!) But after my half this weekend, the camelback left my neck raw and my poor mole dangling for dear life.


So today at lunch I manned up and got it removed. What do you know? After all that freaking out, it took about two seconds to actually remove, and the needle to numb my skin was the worst of it–although the smell of burning flesh maybe wasn’t so much fun.

Moral of the Story #1: Nothing is ever as scary as you make it out to be.

Moral of the Story #2: Use. Body. Glide. On. Anything. That. Might. Get. Irritated. While. Running.

Moral of the Story #3: There’s not much sexy about running.

11 comments on “Why You Really Need BodyGlide

  1. Rachael

    Other than running shoes and shorts, body glide was one of my first running purchases. I now also take it when we travel for preventing blisters.

  2. Camels & Chocolate

    I use Body Glide for every race, and in the rare instance I run in shorts, I STILL get chafed every time! Don’t get it. But if ever I run with a Camelbak (we have three but generally only use them for skiing or hiking), I’ll remember this =)

  3. Katy

    I made the mistake of doing a really speedy 8-mile run last weekend in shorts — WITHOUT my beloved BG. I chafed so badly that I had to stop and get diaper rash cream on the way home. I am still coated in the stuff.

    Lesson learned.


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