Winner Winner Bison Dinner

After skipping Tuesday’s run, I didn’t have high hopes for today’s. I dawdled at work until I just couldn’t work any more, and finally I meandered over to the gym.

They were doing a chiropractic screening, and I thought that would be another interesting way to procrastinate my workout. He poked at my shoulders and lower back, and everything was tight. (I need a massage and yoga so badly right now.) He told me that my pelvis was slightly tilted. (Which Joel had also told me before…because Joel is a damn good trainer who knows his stuff.)

There was a trainer tag-teaming the screening with the chiropractor, and I asked the trainer what he thought I could do for the lower back pain/tilted pelvis. He suggested doing a kneeling twist. You kneel on one knee, and twist in the opposite direction with your opposite arm up. He also suggested a runner’s lunge stretch. He did not, however, suggest finding a male partner to help me untilt my pelvis. Weird.

My workout:

1 mile: running at 6.0 on the treadmill

5 minutes: 6.5

5 minutes: 6.0

5 minutes: 6.6

5 minutes: 6.0

(At this point, I was at roughly three miles and so ready to be done, so I switched up the planned workout. I should have just done another five and five, but…)

2 minutes: 6.8

2 minutes: 6.0

2 minutes: 6.9

2 minutes: 6.0

2 minutes: 7.0

I was supposed to do a mile cooldown, but because I mixed up the intervals, I was actually at around 4.3 instead of 4 by the end of 40 minutes, so I just cooled down for about 0.7 miles. I was still itching to get off the treadmill, so I just kept moving the speed around between 6.0-6.4 so I could get it done. After this workout and a relatively long week at work, I had no desire to cook. Whatsoever. I remembered Jess had tweeted about Energy Kitchen a few days ago, and I had kind of wanted it ever since. I actually used to get it pretty often back when I was first trying to lose weight. That is, until Pump opened. Pump (in my opinion) is a lot less bland than Energy Kitchen. Still, it sounded good to me tonight after a hard workout.


I ordered a side of roasted potatoes.


And a wrap with rice, beans, bison and salsa.

Oh, you probably want to know who won, right?

Picture 50.png

Ladies! Can you email me (theodora @ and send me your address?

Thanks to everyone who entered! Hopefully I’ll have another giveaway relatively soon.

2 comments on “Winner Winner Bison Dinner

  1. Gabriela @ Une Vie Saine

    Have you been to Spring Street Natural? I don’t eat meat, but when I went they had bison on their menu and my dad said it was amazing. Good to know that the Pump is better than Energy Kitchen, because I’ve never really been impressed with EK when I’ve been!


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