Fitting it In

I’ve gotten pretty good at not making excuses for things and just bucking up and getting them done. Except morning workouts. I really have a hard time with them. No excuses, just being honest that I have a hard time making them happen.

It’s easier if I have plans after work (and I do today) to work in a morning workout.

This morning, I decided I needed to get going on my own strength training challenge and I did Jillian Michaels’ Six Week Six Pack Abs. Thirty-five minutes down, eighty-five minutes to go. I’m feeling pretty tight (TWSS), so it wasn’t great, but I got it done and got to work feeling like I’d accomplished something, even if it was just giving side-eye to the trainer on my TV.


I had a sunflower butter sandwich for breakfast and an iced coffee when I got to work. Thank god for iced coffee season.

Did you get a strength workout in this morning?

3 comments on “Fitting it In

  1. JJ

    Hey Theodora–Ive been following along with you since I saw you featured in Womans Day–have loved your posts!

    Question for you: do you recommend taking measurements/weighing before really committing to a weight management plan? I tend to shrink in inches before seeing pounds come off, but I also dont want to pressure myself if I am not seeing “results’ but I am feeling better and fitting into my clothes. How have you dealt with the pressure of “numbers” as you keep managing your healthy weight?

    Thanks đŸ™‚


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