9th Ave Food Festival + Book Club

This morning, I headed out to Emily’s adorable apartment in Brooklyn for book club. She had fruit…



A strata, some mini frittatas from Jenny and some donuts that (the other) Emily brought. I brought the biscotti next to the mini frittatas.

After another ridiculously fun book club (where we only talked about the book for a few minutes, thank god, because I hadn’t had a chance to read it…), I hopped back on the subway to get home to walk Bailey.



He pulled me into the 9th Ave Food Festival.




I got a lemongrass chicken kebab from one of the stands, but I wasn’t impressed by this festival. Most of the festivals in NYC are the same fried food/arepas/smoothies. This one had tents from some of the restaurants on 9th Ave, but they had bigger portions than I wanted, since I had dinner plans.


My mom and her friend came in to pick up this little guy because we’re heading up to Rhode Island on Wednesday morning, I’m heading to Boston Thursday afternoon and to Fitbloggin’ on Friday morning! I miss him already…but at least I was able to clean tonight without a little dog barking at the Swiffer and vacuum.


We went out for dinner, and there were really cute little flowers on the table.


The three of us split a Caesar salad to start.


And I got a small chicken pesto pizza. I had half, and I’m saving the rest for tomorrow. I’m so tempted to go eat the leftovers in my fridge, but I’m not actually hungry. I just want them because they’re there.

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  1. Alison @ The Peacock Diaries

    Awww, so cute! You should come out to Brooklyn for Atlantic Antic in the fall — it is like a street fair on steroids! It is right on my block, so my dog and I went out explored last year (she enjoyed searching for abandoned corn cobs). She’s a dachshund so there were at least a million jokes about “throwing that furry hot dog on the grill”, but she was a good sport 😉


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