Fitbloggin’: Day 1


Oh hey! Here I am at Fitbloggin’ with most of my favorite blogger buddies. (I wish everyone were here!)

So what are Sarah and I doing? Well, we can’t stop poken. It’s this little thing attached to our nametags. It looks like an itty bitty hand, and it has our names, e-mails and Twitter handles loaded on it so that we don’t need to exchange business cards. At the end of the day, you can plug it into your computer and see who you’ve met and get all of their information. Of course, I just ordered new blog business cards and paid extra to have them delivered here. Oh well. They’re pretty.


Sana, Jennifer, Jac and Courtney <– (one of my roomies here)


Of course, we health bloggers can’t see a Whole Foods and not go. We stopped in before lunch. After all of my travel, I was too much of a zombie to go to any of the morning sessions, so I just caught up with some friends.



Lunch was pretty amazing. We had a bunch of pressed sandwiches and grilled vegetables and a salad with pancetta chips. Yes, BACON CHIPS.


Fruit salad with raspberry sauce.


Heather, me and Anne


Yeah, I poked myself. Clearly, Anne wasn’t very impressed.


Bloggers blogging at a blogging conference. So meta.


After the panels, it was time for cocktail hour. And thank god.


Monica, me, Gretchen and Tina


Me and Anne


Me and two of my fave NYC bloggers: Gabriela and Gracie


Me and Tina




Maryland is good at crabs and football. We couldn’t go to a football game, so we went out for crab cakes. We went to a place called Mo’s Fisherman’s Wharf, a few blocks from the hotel.


And, uh, chessy fries.


I’m not a huge fan of crab cakes beyond a few bites, so I went for the scallops. And apparently half a stick of butter. They were definitely tasty, but I worried about how they’d sit in my stomach this morning.


This was the side of “vegetables.” Needless to say, none of us were too impressed with our meals. The people who’d had crab cakes said there were shells in the cakes, which, I’m pretty sure don’t belong there.


This morning, Tina, Monica and I did 6 at 6–a 6-mile run at 6am. They’re both pretty fast, so I was really proud of myself for being able to keep up with them. Tina and I really didn’t feel like running this morning, but we made ourselves go and were glad we did. Afterwards, we went straight down to breakfast in our sweaty clothes, hence why Tina’s shivering.


What’s a health blog conference without an oatmeal bar?


I went for nuts and berries in mine and had an iced coffee with soy milk.

I’ve seen some great panels here, but I’m going to wait until at least tomorrow to post about them so I have time to fully digest them. But I’m just going to leave this here–if you’re not already reading Katy’s blog, you should be. Major girl crush on her.

14 comments on “Fitbloggin’: Day 1

  1. Carol Blanchfield

    And a note to my Amazing daughter, who managed to help out her Mom this week, while still traveling to Boston and Baltimore, thank you,
    Have fun you deserve it!!!!
    Oh and come home for some really great scallops, It’s not all spagetti and meatballs!!


  2. Jaclyn

    I still can’t believe you were all up at 6 to run 6….seriously impressive!

    Last night the restaurant failed, but the company won! Was fun even though the crab cakes were……crunchy hahaha!!!

  3. Laurie

    Seriously, I tweeted that I have a girl crush on Katy…what is it about her?
    But, I getting one on you too, love your pics and you looked so pretty in that strapless dress.
    Love that 6 at 6 🙂


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