Miracles in Manhattan

Last night, as I was making my egg wrap, I grumbled to myself that I didn’t have any meat ready to cook. The eggs were a decent source of protein, but eggs are no meat. I poked around my freezer, scowling at frozen chicken and turkey burgers and willing them to defrost. When they didn’t immediately defrost, I moved the turkey burgers to the fridge and vowed to make them tonight.

As I prepared to leave work tonight, I did my usual scanning of food blogs for good ideas/contemplating how good some sushi from SeamlessWeb would be. The only recipe that looked good to me was Anne’s chicken fingers, but I remembered my turkey burgers and decided to stick with them but still go with the healthy comfort food theme.


I had no veggies at home, so I stopped at the grocery store and got two frozen things of veggies, baby spinach, sweet potatoes, broccoli and those Jala frozen yogurt bars. I don’t always write about dessert, but I usually do have some sort of small-ish dessert after dinner. When I was losing weight, a nutritionist I saw told me I could have 200 discretionary calories to eat whatever I wanted, whether that was having a bigger dinner or having small dessert. Having the small dessert gave me something to look forward to all day.

This bag of groceries only cost me $20! I have no idea how that would rate outside of Manhattan, but $20 for any bag of groceries feels like a miracle to me. I really need to remind myself every single time I shop, that I really don’t need that much food. Just the broccoli, sweet potatoes and things of frozen vegetables are enough veggies for at least 4-5 meals. I really realized how little food I need when I made a big portion of soba noodle stir fry last week and ate it for quite a few meals last week. While, yes, I do try to eat in more sometimes, it’s really just cutting back on takeout that I need to do. I am young, single and living in one of the best cities for food–I’m okay with eating out a bunch as long as I don’t spend too much money and as long as I keep it healthy.


I roasted sweet potato wedges and broccoli and had them with a turkey burger on a sandwich thin.


I’m settling in with a beer to get some work done now…

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  1. Jenn Brigole

    That’s a good looking meal right there. I am currently on the early stages of weight management myself, and so I try and find inspiration wherever I can find them. And that meal is just fabulous without adding that much on waist. I would definitely be cooking broccoli before the week ends. Cheers! πŸ™‚


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