Faking It Until You Make It

I’d heard “fake it until you make it” before, but I didn’t really get it. I mean, I understood the concept, but I didn’t really believe it.

But when I took my job last year, a job that was different than any of my previous jobs, I embraced fake it until you make it real hard. I’d previously worked in editorial and so transitioning to social media, which fell under digital marketing at my company, was a huge change. Sure, I knew a ton about social media from reading about it and using it, and I’d used social media at other jobs, but this job was my first step outside of editorial–and it was scary at times.

But I had no choice but to fake it until I made it. I had to project confidence in what I was suggesting to the editors and sales/marketing teams I was working with, or they’d never listen to me. I started learning to apply the principle outside of work, too. In situations I was nervous about, I summoned up my strength and tried to put on a confident face and really think through things–if I tried x that was scary, what was the worst that could happen? Would the potential benefit of whatever scary thing I was trying outweigh the risks? (The answer is usually yes.)

I thought of this because you all keep commenting what a great attitude I have about being laid off. It’s not easy, and I’m definitely pretty emotional and anxious right now, but that won’t help anything. That won’t help me find my next job. I’m trying really hard to stay positive so that positive things happen to me.

And yes. My blog will be a little emo these days.

But on to happy stuff. Food. I’ve been so busy and in no mood to cook lately, so I haven’t gone grocery shopping in a while. But with more time on my hands and a need to spend less, I finally dragged myself to Trader Joe’s today.


I bought some really basic stuff to ease myself back into cooking. For lunch, I made Brussels sprouts, some chicken meatballs and brown rice and topped it with a bit of BBQ sauce.


This sparkling water was amazing, and only 79 cents! I’ve become really into sparking water lately, out of nowhere.


I am obsessed with both of these items.

What sort of stuff do you cook when you’re easing yourself back into it? (You know, tell me what else I should make ;))

7 comments on “Faking It Until You Make It

  1. Tara Marie

    To ease back into cooking, I usually turn to things that require the oven which you might not want to do depending on the A/C situation in your apartment. I will do roasted chicken in the oven or baked ziti. Or on the stove I will do spinach cooked with garlic, shrimp cooked in garlic and than add that to whole grain pasta. Those are some easy ones off the top of my head!

  2. Liz

    One of my favorite go-to meals is using all Trader Joe’s groceries: soba noodles, the shelled edamame, shredded carrots, and the teriyaki tofu. I saute the tofu/edamame/shredded carrots in a little soy sauce and sesame oil and combine everything once I cook the noodles. Tastes fancy, nutritionally balanced, takes about 20 minutes, and no real prep (other than cutting the tofu) required!

  3. Martha Lilian

    I love sparkling water and totally went through a 2 liter bottle of it last night. I simply just can’t have enough.

    I’m a big fan of chicken dishes AND anything I can make in the crock pot. Super simple is to throw some chicken breasts in with olive oil and a jar of your favorite salsa and then you have chicken for fajitas or anything else you’d like!

  4. Jaclyn

    I need to get myself back into cooking too. I have been really lazy / busy lately and it shows in my (convenient) eats!

    Love bbq sauce and TJs!!

  5. Gabriela @ Une Vie Saine

    I’m doing the whole “fake it till you make it” thing right now too. It really does help though. Getting upset over something you can’t really control does nothing. Better to just roll with the punches and see what happens!!

  6. Cynthia (It All Changes)

    When easing back into cooking I find things I can use in multiple meals. I make a big pot of quinoa and then stuff peppers with it, bake with it and make a salad. Anything you can make multiple meals with is super easy and budget friendly.


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