Friday! Friday!



Oh, hi there! Good morning.

While the days are starting to blend together a bit, I’m still happy it’s Friday. (Mostly because then I have more people to play with.) I sort of felt like I was on a college schedule this week. I had interviews and meetings Monday – Thursday, but today I just have to go pick up my (and everyone else’s) bib for tomorrow’s race.

It’s Internet Week here in New York this week so I’ve been going to some events at night to meet some more people who share an affinity for elf culture. (Um, I mean, the internetz.) Last night, I met Abby at 675 Bar for a cocktail before heading over to a party. We both ordered their spring drink–an April something-or-other. It had CUCUMBER VODKA, blueberries and lime juice and tasted amazing. It was like cucumber water you get at a spa, but with alcohol. Win.

My stomach has been so seriously off lately, so to be honest, I haven’t been eating much and I have been eating at weird times.

Last night before heading out, I made a late lunch/early dinner so that a few cocktails didn’t go straight to my head.


I got a package of for-the-grill vegetables at Trader Joe’s last week, and I made them in my grill pan last night. I put them with some brown rice and a chicken burger and topped it all with some pineapple salsa. I don’t look too closely at calories/serving sizes because I try to mostly eat real foods, but I noticed some of the serving sizes at Trader Joe’s seemed pretty small. For example, this is two servings of the vegetables. I don’t remember how many servings were in the sweet potato fries I had the other day, but I ate the whole bag. (It wasn’t that big.) Does anyone else think Trader Joe’s serving sizes are pretty small??


I woke up this morning and went for my regular breakfast of sunflower butter and a banana on a whole-wheat English muffin. It usually calms my stomach.


If you’re in NYC this weekend and looking to break a sweat, join Ashley from A Healthy, Happier Bear & Leanne Shear and the Rogue Female Fitness team for an awesome “30/30” class! This great class is normally $25 per session. June 11’s class is a strength and sculpting class using 30 repetitions and 30-second intervals that borrows from Pilates with holds and pulses. It’s bookended at the beginning with some of our signature cardio and at the end with yoga-oriented stretching. Find out more and register here or email

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