Will Run for Interviews

Since the last time I blogged, I’ve had two job interviews! I thought I’d have a lot more time to blog with this downtime, but I’ve been lucky to have had a bunch of interviews already, and by nighttime I’m either prepping for the next one or hanging out with friends because I need some human contact.


photo (16).JPG

I’ve also done a good job with eating what’s in my kitchen, so I had go back to a few meals of takeout before I had time to grocery shop again. Yesterday, I picked up lunch from KooFoo–a Korean rice bar. I got some chicken bimibab with brown rice. I like food from different cultures because it’s typically easier to find healthier options than with American food.

I woke up this morning and really wanted to run out the pressure of all of these interviews. I probably should have taken it easy on my legs after Saturday’s race, but I decided to run hard. I ran 3.01 miles in 26:31–an 8:49 pace.

photo (17).JPG

I swear it didn’t look quite that ominous when I was running.

After today’s interview, I went to Trader Joe’s to replenish my poor, empty kitchen. I have plenty of chicken/turkey in my freezer, so I just needed some produce.


I came back and made some TJ’s chicken meatballs with brown rice and broccoli and put some marinara sauce on it and pretended it was spaghetti.

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