Finding Inspiration

Nothing super out-of-the-ordinary happened yesterday, but I still found lots of inspiration all around me.

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From running with a ridiculously fast friend who doesn’t let even a bitch of a disease like Crohn’s get her down (you can help her raise money for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation here.)


To hanging out with a seriously successful blogger friend who’s always pushing herself to achieve more.


To hanging out with a group of successful women bloggers all inspiring in their own ways.

I’m finding just how important it is for me to associate myself with people who truly impress me and push me to be a better person, blogger, cook, runner. And that I have a lot to offer, too.


Is it a bit of a reach to say I also find inspiration in chocolate? No? Okay, then this chocolate hazelnut butter is positively inspiring. Any day that starts with some chocolate can’t possibly end badly.


I drizzled it over some cookie dough cereal (in my mix: 1/3 cup oats, 3/4 scoop protein powder, 3/4 cup almond milk, half a banana, sprinkled with flaxseed) and tried really hard not to lick the bowl.

I just asked this on Twitter, but are there any books or blogs you’ve read lately that have inspired you? (Specifically, any inspiring career reads?) Also, who in your life (or who in blog world) inspires you?

A few books that have inspired me: Unlimited by Jillian Michaels and Running on Empty by Marshall Ullrich.

27 comments on “Finding Inspiration

  1. Jess @JessCantCook

    I LOVE Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter πŸ™‚

    I’ve been reading a lot of career/inspiration type blogs lately. My favorites right now are The Middle Finger Project ( – she’s hilarious)and Life After College ( – even though I’ve been out of college for 5 years). Stratejoy ( is another good one!

    1. Ali

      Should have specified: I’m blushing, right now, in real life. Not in the photo above. Because in that photo, I’m straight up sweating like a manbeast. That’s why my face is red in the photo. Hot, sexy sweat.

  2. Katherine

    chocolate in heart bowl is even tastier!

    In the blog world your and Ali’s blogs have been pretty inspirational. In life, my boyfriend actually inspires me because he’s had the courage to take chances in his career…and I’d pretty much say my 6 closest friends inspire me for being extremely supportive and for individual reasons for each one.

  3. Margaret

    I just finished the Happiness Project and was surprised at how much I needed it. It really helps you understand what things make you happy, how to forget the annoyances and the rest, and follow through, I was really touched by it, and want to give copies to my family for christmas

  4. Jen Correa

    I just started Run Like a Mother and I can so relate! I also LOVED Unlimited, as well as anything Jillian Michaels is part of. (I have a hetero- girl crush on her.)

  5. Michelle

    I volunteer with kids who are going through or are survivors of brain tumors. Their humor and grace about their disabilities and struggles never fails to inspire me and remind me what is truly important in life!

  6. Katherine

    Does it matter what flavor protein power you use in the cookie dough cereal? I’m dying to try it!

    Also, I LOVED The Beauty Detox Diet and Reshaping it all-which is Candace CAmeron Bure’s book. It’s wonderful BUT it is pretty Religious (she is VERY christian).
    My Blog! Under construction, obv.

    1. Theodora Post author

      @Katherine: I don’t think so, but I usually use vanilla because that’s what I usually have. I bet chocolate would be really good, too! I might try chocolate chips and have it be chocolate chip cookie dough cereal πŸ˜€

      1. Katherine


        I tried it like 20 minutes ago for the first time and WOW. SO good and SO filling. I couldn’t even finish. I want to try it with vanilla but I only had cookies and cream but it was amazing. I put cacao nibs in it and bananas. amaze.

  7. Tina

    Awww, thanks for the sweet comment! Miss you (and Bailey) already!

    P.S. Murphy was very suspicious when I got home last night. He spent a solid 5 minutes sniffing my suitcase.

  8. Lizzy

    Awww you inspire me!!! I mean look at you! You are amazing and totally inspiring. You are a completely different person than that person I knew 6+ years ago. Not only have you lost weight, but you’ve gained confidence and I love reading about your journey. I inspire to be like you!!!!!!!!!! XOXOXO

  9. Carol Blanchfield

    You are my beautiful daughter and you are truly
    an inspiration to me!!
    I have seen you grow into a strong, courageous, confident young woman. You have overcome many obstacles, moved from Washington DC and turned your life around in every way and did it without anyone’s help except your strong will and confidence and determination
    Think only the best, work only for the best, expect only the best YOU deserve nothing less than Praise!!

    Love you,

  10. Lexi @ A Spoonful of Sunshine

    Well, it’s pretty hard to follow that comment (so so sweet!), but i’ll do my best haha.

    What you said about surrounding yourself with a certain type of people really struck a chord with me. I’m moving off to college in about a month, and I’m beginning to figure out who I want to be around.

    Wonderful post πŸ™‚

  11. FoodCents

    I am a little late to this post, but so be it…

    I think it is SO incredibly important to surround yourself (as much as possible) with people who bring good energy into your life, push you to find & obtain whatever it is you are looking for, call you on your BS when need be, appreciate life & enjoy the journey of along the way.


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