Prepping for My First Triathlon!

So, I guess I’m doing (is that the correct verb? running?) a triathlon on Saturday.

I sort of wish I had prepared more, but the marathon is more important to me, so I’m okay with that. Also, I know I have the endurance to do a 400m swim + 13 mile bike ride + 5K run.

With that said, I knew the only thing that would make me feel more prepared was a new race outfit. After a meeting this morning with a guy who was food blogging back in 2003, I walked from Tribeca up to Union Square to stop at JackRabbit. I’d originally only planned on some bike shorts, but they’re having a triathlon sale, and all tri gear was buy one, get one half off. Oh, fine.


I bought these DeSoto tri shorts, which can apparently be worn in the pool, too. (And yes, they do have a padded crotchal region.)


I am holding something very special. And I am a sucker for good marketing, too, apparently.


These pockets are for flasks, yes?


And this tri top. This fancy new outfit means I won’t have to change at all, just put my sneakers on after the swim and take off my cap and put on a hat or headband (and a helmet!) for the rest of the ride/run. I foresee some sexy hair coming up.


I also exchanged the Brooks I got for Saucony Pro Grid Guide 4s. The Brooks made my feet numb.

I had 7 miles on my training schedule for today, and I didn’t wake up early enough this morning to get ’em done outside, so I spent much of today putting off going to the gym. (When will I learn?) I finally went around 6:30, running 1.25 miles there, 3.5 miles while there and 1.25 miles back for a total of 6.


When I got back, I sauteed grape tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms and onions with some turkey meatballs and threw it all over whole wheat fusilli. Because any race means carb loading to me.


And, because it’s hot out, and I am a 20-something female in Manhattan, I got Pinkberry for dessert.

Anything else I should know before my first sprint tri?

10 comments on “Prepping for My First Triathlon!

  1. Spike

    *racing* a triathlon! Have fun on your first tri! The swim can be a little overwhelming the first time so have a good plan always helps me out (if I get kicked by another swimmer I will take a few seconds to tread water, catch my breath and continue. things like that). Kick some ass

  2. Katherine

    I love shirts/shorts with hidden pockets everywhere! And yes, I believe you’re supposed to put a flask in the shirt — how else are you supposed to stay balanced on the bike ride?

    I’ve never done a triathlon, so I don’t really have any adice besides good luck! Mentally I’d break up the 3 legs into three different races so that you feel like you’re 1/3rd of the way closer after each one.

  3. Michelle

    Good Luck! I have never done one, so that’s my only advice! (Along with be careful in the heat!)

    And yes, you should spike your Gatorade and put it in those pockets :).

  4. Anna

    I just did my first tri last weekend and loved it! You’re going to have so much fun! I hope you’ll write a review of the DeSoto shorts & top as I’m curious about the brand. Also, is it just me or does their sizing chart online make it seem the clothes are teeny-tiny?.

  5. Benjamin

    I realise I’m too late already, you survived your triathlon by now, congrats! The pockets are usually for gels or stuff like that. For sprint triathlons, a lot of people wear one-piece suits without any pockets at all to maximise swim speed when swimming without a wet suit, like for example this one:

    But hey, who wants to wear a jumpsuit for racing. Not me either 😉


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