Some Stuff That is Awesome

(How’s that for a descriptive title?)


Amy’s pesto tortellini bowls. I saw tortellini on Monica’s blog the other day, and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since.


My RoadID that came today. I’ve been putting off ordering one for so long, but I finally ordered one last week after not winning Dori’s raffle. She linked to this post from Caitiln talking about a girl named Lindsay who was in a bike accident and wasn’t treated until the nurses got proof of insurance. That scared me, and I ordered a Road ID. This is dumb, but the reason I waited to long to order one was because I didn’t know what running mantra I wanted at the bottom. I finally decided that was way less important than potentially not having contact info on me if I got into some sort of accident, so I finally just decided to go with “I run because I can.” In Caitlin’s post, she recommended giving your health insurance info to one of your emergency contacts, so I’m sending my info to my parents. Soon.

I’m trying to see if they’ll do a giveaway, but in the meantime, if you use this coupon code (ThanksTheodora7329236), you will get $1 off.


Kale chips with nutritional yeast. (Not nearly as epic as the ones I had in Colorado, but not bad either.)


Um, except for the batch that I burned first.


I wasn’t super-hungry (who am I?), so I just had them with a veggie burger. (And then I made another veggie burger.)


A CASE OF COCONUT WATER. I finally just broke down and subscribed for MONTHLY COCONUT WATER DELIVERIES on Amazon, since I stop at Duane Reade for coconut water after like every run.


My new running shoes (Brooks Ravenna 2s) + Strawberry Banana Gu. My knees were starting to get achy (and I got my last shoes in March), so I knew it was time to get new shoes. I decided to go into JackRabbit and get fitted, since it’d been awhile. The Saucony ProGrid Ride 3s I was wearing were neutral, but apparently I’m starting to overpronate some, so Rob, the nice dude at the UES JackRabbit, recommended either the ProGrid Guides or these Brooks. I liked how they felt all cushy, like running on clouds, so I decided to give them a try.

At JackRabbit, they film you running to judge your gait. In the neutral Sauconys, I was overpronating, but just putting on these Brooks (and the other Sauconys) made me stop overpronating. I don’t quite get what overpronating is (but I know it’s not good) or how shoes can correct it that quickly, but hey, aren’t my shoes pretty? I’m a little nervous to be switching from Sauconys to Brooks, but when I tweeted about the new shoes, Scott said it was the “best running decision” I’d ever make, so who am I to argue?

I’m trying the Strawberry Banana Gus because Heather blogged that they taste like Amoxicillin, and I kind of like that. (I called it the bubble gum medicine growing up.)

Something that is not material but awesome is the great coffee date (a professional one, not a romantical one) I had this afternoon and the renewed sense of hope it gave me for my job search and professional life.

Another non-material awesome thing is my stomach seems to have calmed down quite a bit in the past week. That is actually beyond awesome–it’s amazing. I had to cut way back on coffee (DEAR GOD, MAKE THIS ONLY BE TEMPORARY) to achieve this, but for right now, it’s worth it. I’m going to the doctor tomorrow, and hopefully he can help me even more. (Weirdly enough, dairy seems to be okay, which I had previously thought was off-limits. Maybe my stomach just can’t handle coffee and dairy?)

What is awesome for you right now? (And if you are a runner, what kind of shoe do you wear? And would you be wary of switching shoes, too? Also, if you like coconut water, Zico or Vita Coco?)

26 comments on “Some Stuff That is Awesome

  1. Ali

    Yay for all these awesome things! Excited to hear what you think of your sexy new Brooks shoes. I’m a Brooks girl myself (and Rob at the UES store is my favorite — glad he hooked you up) and I think they’re the best shoes ever.

    And yay to everything else. Yay life. Woo!

  2. Kimra

    The people at the Fleet Feet here must hate me because I know their generous return policy all too well. I used to run in Guides (my awesome (sadly former, damn insurance) podiatrist picked them), then had an ill-fated stint in Rides, and now I wear Asics 3020s/3030s. Apparently I pronate in some special, unusual way that makes me extra hard to fit, but the second I tried the 3020s, the Fleet Feet guys were like “OH YEAH, YOU’RE GETTING THOSE,” and so far so good.

    Sorry, that was a book. I could talk about my shoe issues foreverrrrr.

    Happy stuff: making pickles!

  3. Shar

    It’s funny, I just did the opposite, and had bad results. I always run with Brooks, love them. I went to get new sneakers and there was a sale on Saucony’s. I got such awful shin splints I returned them. I got a new pair of Brooks and they are the best!! I totally love my Brooks, I’m sure you will too!!!

  4. Kelly

    I love that Heather’s description of it tasting like Amoxicillan was a positive to you! To each her own I guess 🙂

    Also, that pesto tortellini bowl looks SO GOOD!

  5. Pet

    You’re the second person today that I see posting about getting new shoes. I think I’m due for a new pair next month. I’m currently on the Adidas Supernova but I also have a pair of Nike Free sneakers for my everyday walking and I love those. I’ll still get a proper fitting, but if the Nike Frees are actually a pair I could also use for running, I’m definitely getting a second pair. They’re so comfortable.

  6. Liz

    I love my Ravenna 2’s! I actually supinate (run on the outsides of my feet), so I needed a really neutral shoe. I’d be nervous about switching too, but the one time I switched shoes (from Brooks Adrenalines to the Ravenna 2’s), I was able to stop injuring myself so I’d say it was a pretty good choice 🙂

  7. maria @ Chasing the Now

    I run in Saucony ProGrids (7’s–I think). They have been treating me pretty well and I already have a fresh pair waiting for when the current ones die. Switching shoes does make me nervous, but it’s usually for the best.

  8. Corrie Anne

    Coconut water, huh? I’ve been curious about that stuff. I’m gonna have to check it out. I’m a NIKE girl all the way with the shoes. I’ve tried several different styles, and I like ’em all. I certainly hope coffee is not the cause of your stomach-y problems. That would suuuuuuuuck!

  9. Heather @ Side of Sneakers

    I liked amoxicillin so much when I was a kid they had to put a note in my chart saying I wasn’t allowed to have the kids version. Apparently coming in and asking for medicine by name at age 5 is a sign of a problem…

  10. Michelle

    I got really excited when my road ID came in the mail the other day. Like wierdly excited. I’d been holding off on getting one because of the last line too! I decided on “Keep Calm and Run on”

    I wear Mizunos. I tried to change before marathon training started but nothing but them worked for my feet. 🙁

  11. Britney

    I just ordered a RoadID over the weekend. The running mantra was also the reason I took so long – but I got the interactive one and that didn’t even have space for one. My mom is quite happy that I finally ordered one.

    I currently wear Asics GT-2150s (in a men’s size since my feet are wide) but I think I’m going to be fitted again when I need a new pair.

  12. Cindy

    I need to check out that RoadId again.

    I usually run/walk in New Balance, but I got a pair of Nike’s here in Scotland for super cheap so I have been swapping them back and forth. I was only wary of my rooommate from the US finding out since she works for NB and used to get me deals and free sneaks all the time!

    I still haven’t found coconut water here in Scotland!

  13. Amy

    I’ve been a loyal asics wearer ever since my foot doctor reccomended them to me, and like anything I’m partial/loyal to, I’d have a hard time switching, although i have always been intrigued by the whole gait analysis shoe fitting experience

    Thanks for reminding me about RoadID. Between seeing them pop up on a lot of blogs lately, and some other news of the past few months, I decided I needed one (especially since I run alone, and in the early mornings, most of the time). I’m not sure what my delay was (probably just admitting to myself that I really do need one and that scaring me? if that makes any sense…..), but I’m ordering one as we speak (errr….type). So, thanks!

    ps- love the rest of your list 🙂

  14. Dori

    LOVED Amoxil. I had chronic strep, so I always got to have some. Yum! As an adult when I needed it, I made them give me the liquid kind instead of the pills.

    I didn’t do well with Brooks and had to switch, but most people love them!

    SO happy you ordered a RoadID. So, so important. I wish I had a doorman so I could do the Zico subscription. I buy so much of it and get stressed when I want some and ran out. Zico is the best tasting coconut water!

  15. Melissa

    I’m a Mizuno fan (Creations and now Prophecys – which are too damn expensive, but fit me great). I also rotate with Sauncony Triumphs (the 7s, but I haven’t replaced them yet, since the 8s are too cushiony…).

    And VitaCoco all the way!

  16. Emily

    subscribing to coconut water on amazon is the best idea ever. i subscribe for monthly deliveries of power bar gel chomps which is most definitely less cool than the coconut H2O, but still pretty awesome.


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