Super-Fruit! (And Walgreens Giveaway Winner!)

Last night, I was invited to a blogger event with Dr. Lindsey Duncan, CEO of Genesis Today, a natural health food supplement company.
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While it technically said “superfruit cocktail hour,” I read “fruity cocktails.”

To be totally honest, I walked into this session a little skeptical. “What are these magic superfruits?” I wondered.

Well, apparently they really are super little fruits.

All of the foods Dr. Duncan talked about contain tons of nutrients. He talked about a 1936 report in Congress called the Rothamsted Report that predicted U.S. soil would become depleted of nutrients if we kept growing on the same soil over and over again. In regions of the world where food is grown just to feed its residents, not to feed much of the world like in the U.S., residents live much more off the land and have a lot less health problems, he said.

An apple, he said has about 20 nutrients; something like a pomegranate, he said, has thousands of nutrients.

The superfoods Dr. Duncan talked about the most were:

Acai berries: (Yes, these are the same ones that there are a million spam sites around, but apparently they’re legit.) They support healthy energy, healthy skin, hair and nails and also help with weight control.

Goji berries: Also known as “happy berries” because they secrete feel-good hormones. Dr. Duncan talked about giving these berries to those with depression and things turning around quickly.

Noni: This one is great for the digestive tract, he said.

Guarana: Apparently this is nature’s coffee.

He also talked about B-complex vitamins (the one vitamin I always remember to take.) They turn your food into energy so your body can use it effectively–and they give you lots of energy. (They, um, also turn your pee bright yellow. FYI.) He’s convinced that this is the vitamin everyone will be taking in five years.

A lot of these superfoods are hard to find, because some of them are hard to import to the U.S., so he also talked about the best way to find superfruit supplements. Pills and powders, he said, are the least preferable because they dehydrate the fruits and vegetables to make them. Liquid is the most preferable, followed by chews and then gummies.

When we got to the Q&A section, I told him I had “a lot of readers” with digestive issues (although I was totally asking for myself. Sorry guys.) and was wondering what he recommended for digestive issues. If your problem is that you don’t go *enough,* he recommended his 4 Total Cleanse and 4 Fiber. For those of you (like me), with the opposite problem, I’m still waiting for the full answer (he said it was too long to go into?), but he said calming ingredients were best, like acai, oils and slippery elm. Also, he said he worked with Marc Jacobs, and the dude went from going to the bathroom 27 times a day to 2-3 (which is apparently how many times a day you’re supposed to go.)

acai.jpg bikini.jpg

We’re supposed to get samples (and bikinis?), so I’ll let you know what I think of these.

Walgreens GIveaway Winner!

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Congratulations, Sarah! Can you email me at theodora at losingweightinthecity dot com with your address so I can get it to the Walgreens people?

Have you ever tried any of these superfruits?

11 comments on “Super-Fruit! (And Walgreens Giveaway Winner!)

  1. Juliette

    Isn’t coffee also nature’s coffee? 🙂 It *is* made from plants…

    I haven’t tried acai berries as berries, but I liked acai-blueberry juice.

  2. Kimra

    I’m gonna be all “I knew acai before acai was cool” — there’s this adorable Brazilian restaurant in Santa Cruz that was serving acai bowls (ginormous acai smoothies with granola, basically) when I started going there in 2003. So that’s how I first heard about that and tasted it, but it’s not a regular part of my diet. Pomegranates, though, I’m all over.

    I had noni in Costa Rica, or more accurately, I smelled it and then “accidentally” dropped it on the ground because it smelled so much like rotten cheese that I wanted to vomit. (It really was an accident, but I also really didn’t want to taste it.)

    Also: Jelly Belly makes superfruit jelly beans!

  3. Britt

    Can I be the med nerd here who points out Dr.Duncan violated HIPAA by discussing Marc Jacobs bowel issues? Weird.

  4. Fit Chick in the City

    You just made me laugh… I used the same exact approach when I asked Dr. Duncan about my stomach issues. In fact I said “A lot of readers complain about being bloated.” He saw right through and started asking me personal questions. He did give me an answer though.


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