Walgreens Medicine Cabinet Makeover

Remember when I was all shady a few months ago and had that camera crew in my apartment but couldn’t tell you why?

Well, now I can! Walgreens came over and gave my medicine cabinet a makeover. Watch the video below. (Apparently I am the “athlete” of the bunch of people they gave medicine cabinet makeovers to. Old me is laughing.)

I was given a serious chiding for not properly closing some of my vitamin bottles and for having expired products, but otherwise the pharmacist, Stacia (who is awesome), was generally pretty happy with the selection of vitamins and products in my medicine cabinet. She suggested just taking a multi-vitamin and then supplementing with a calcium supplement (she said Adora was fine!) since I don’t eat much dairy.

She made a good point about injury–if I do get injured while running (which I hope never happens, but you never know), I don’t want to have to go hobble out to get the things that will help me feel better, so they left me with vitamins, ibuprofen, an Ace bandage, cold packs, adhesive bandages, a knee brace and heating pads…and they’re going to provide these for one of you, too!

How you can enter:

  • Leave a comment telling me how I can improve on video (other than not saying “um” every other word and not blinking–I know I need to work on that!
  • Leave a comment telling me what vitamins you take/what you keep on hand to deal with injury or muscle fatigue.
  • Tweet “Check out @tblanchfield’s Medicine Cabinet Makeover from @Walgreens and win your own! http://bit.ly/nHCEk8.”

Updated to add: this giveaway will close at 9am EST on July 8, 2011.

Disclosure: I received free product and was compensated for my time. The awkwardness is all my own, though. 






38 comments on “Walgreens Medicine Cabinet Makeover

  1. Joan

    Just forget you’re ON camera! I know, easier said than done. But at one or two points, you seemed to be very “aware” of being on, and you end up with that whole “is she talking to the people in the video, or the watchers” thing.
    That said – you looked GOOD!!! I won’t even mention the ums. I ::cough:: might have been guilty of that for quite a few years also.

  2. Alison @ The Peacock Diaries

    Fun! I thought you did great on camera, and it was an interesting segment!

    I usually only purge my meds when I move, and I always end up finding some seriously expired products. This may sound weird, but I think one of the problems I run into is that since I live a pretty healthy lifestyle, I don’t get sick very often…so I have a lot of medications that go unused. I didn’t get any colds this winter, but I’m sure next year when I need something I will find mostly full boxes of Sudafed, etc. that have all expired. #singlehealthygirlproblems, I guess 😉

    1. Hilary @ The Big Weight

      @deb: I agree with Deb – smiles are nice! Still – cool video – it’s always nice to actually see/hear the person behind the blog I read daily…. I take a NatureMade Women’s Multi… in a gel cap because it goes down easier.

        1. Harper

          @Theodora: I would love it if you did more video. Agree with the comment – I read you almost daily and it is so cool to see you “live”. = )

  3. Bridget

    Congrats on a great job! You have a very professional sounding voice. I’m 32 and have done radio/tv interviews for my job and I always wince when I hear the playback because I sound like a 16 year old!

    I think ibuprophen, bath salts, body glide, knee brace, and bandages are must haves for all of us runners!

  4. Dori

    Ahh I want to watch but I can’t at work right now.

    I used to take multivitamins but I got lazy… I do take Adora though! I keep Tiger Balm and Naproxen on hand.

  5. Alison

    Great video… I always like to have a couple band aids and the blister cushions and some gauze – you never know when you might get a cut preparing food or a blister while running in the rain. I also will write on the container in expiry dates in big black marker… makes it easy to purge, you can also put a reminder in a calendar.

    I take a multi, vit D, Fish oil and a calcium.

    Hope this helps

  6. Jess

    As a girl who is constantly coming home and needing to ice something I could use some of those products.

    I think one way you could improve on your video is to look more engaged when another person is supposedly talking to you. I know it’s hard, especially if the camera crew tells you not to make any noises of agreement or anything like that. But I think finding good body language ways to be actively engaged makes you look more into it.

    As a sidenote, I didn’t notice a ton of ums.

  7. Elizabeth@GenuineEfforts

    Also, (since I am under the impression they should be two separate comments) I use Burt’s Bees muscle rub and good ol’ Ben Gay for muscle fatigue.

    I don’t take a vitamin on a regular basis but I do like those gummy ones.

  8. Elizabeth

    You’re adorable in this video! So relate-able. I have a First Aid kit stashed under my sink– I think there is an ace bandage in there? I know for sure I have plenty of ice packs on hand, though. As for vitamins, I talk a multi-vitamin plus an iron pill every morning. If I remember, I also talk Vitamin D and calcium in the afternoon.

  9. Kate

    Great job, I’m sure it was tough to “act natural”! I take a multi-vitamin (gummy!) and an iron supplement…also Adora disks once in awhile.

  10. Kate

    Okay, don’t laugh but I take a Flintstone’s multivitamin with iron because I think the “adult” multivitamins taste disgusting. I also take fish oil. As far as aches and pains, I have naproxen (Aleve) for muscle/sports-related injuries and ibuprofen for headaches, etc.

  11. Jill

    Great job! I thought you looked and sounded great, and don’t worry — we ALL need to stop “umm-ing”!

    Next time, I would advise that you wear a jewel town top–purples, deep pinks, blues, greens . . . all of these show up best on camera.

    I love that you’re not wearing anything distracting, like big earrings. This would take viewer attention away from the video’s purpose.

  12. Monica

    Awesome job! You seemed much more confident at the end of the video (maybe because you just got a brand new medicine cabinent makeover :)!! Great video!

  13. Monica

    I take a multivitamin & calcium supplement (when I remember)! Easier said than done! We don’t have much on hand but the regular (bandaids, ibuprofen) I better get prepared!

  14. SlimKatie @ Runs for Cookies

    I take a multivitamin, fish oil, and vitamin D (when I remember!)

    That was interesting what the pharmacist said about exposing medications to the air. I wonder if putting them in one of those weekly pill boxes is bad?! If I don’t do that, I always forget to take my vitamins.

  15. Jess S.

    I think you were great. Much better than I ever could do in front of a camera.

    I just take a multi-vit. and calcium each day. Nothing fancy.

  16. tracey

    I take a multi and 1000 IU of vitamin D at the reco of my endocrinologist – she says it keeps your metabolism pumping. I don’t know if I believe it, but I’ll try anything that keeps my metabolism going. I always have a costco size container of advil and aleve on hand to deal with muscle aches associated with running. I’m also a firm believer in heating pads you toss in the microwave for a minute to warm up, and ice packs that are made out of clay (actually bought at walgreens!)

  17. Carolyn

    I take two multivitamins a day and a B complex, both from Trader Joe’s. I think you were great on-camera, you seemed most relaxed and engaged with the pharmacist when you were smiling.

  18. Nicole

    I’m a big fan of ice packs for sore muscles or nagging injuries. When I suffered a hamstring injury, I sat on ice packs every night for months!

  19. Amber

    I’m awful. I take no multi-vitamins or supplments. Other than ibuprofen for the occaisional alcohol-induced headache, I don’t have anything else on hand for injuries. Bad Amber.

  20. Amber

    I think you look great on the video! The pharmacist from Walgreens totally reminded me of Drew Barrymore.


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