Healthy Living Summit Recap

I’m baaaaack.

Sorry for the lack of blogging yesterday, but I was busy from the second I got up to the second I went to sleep and the Internet was limited.

So let’s go back to Friday. I arrived in Philly around 6pm, dropped my stuff and headed out to the HLS opening cocktail party at Reading Terminal Market.


One of the first people I saw was Heather, my HLS roomie from last year. I love this girl, and I’m so excited for her future tiny sneakers.


Roomies before props.


Roomies AFTER props. [photos via Anne]

My camera died pretty much immediately after this, but let’s just say I had a good time catching up with new and old friends.


photo (28).JPG

After the party, Ashley and I walked to Paulie’s Pizza to get a little more fuel for our long run the next day. I’ve never had pizza the night before a long run, but it worked out just fine.

We went to sleep a bit after 11 and were up at 4:30 for our long run.

“Why are we running marathons?” I whispered in the dark as we got ready by the light of our iPhones. I didn’t get a good answer to why not, so out I went.

We went down to the lobby at 5 to meet a group of about 20 other crazy people who also had long runs scheduled.

photo 1.JPG

Yeah. It was still dark.

photo 3.JPG

We ran along Kelly Drive by the water.

photo 4.JPG

Past boathouses

photo 5.JPG

And were almost back towards the hotel when we saw Evan. After my epic race last weekend, my legs were exhausted, and I had a really hard time running yesterday. But nearly 14 miles later, we finally made it back to the hotel for breakfast. My camera ate the photos (?), but it was sponsored by Attune and included lots of yummy cereal and fruit.


After two great sessions, this happened.


Cynthia, Ashley and I spoke about how to make friends using the Internet.


I don’t know what I was saying here, but I didn’t drop the mic or vomit on the table, so I consider my panel a success. There’s definitely things I’d do differently next time around, but I’m proud to have my second big public speaking event under my belt.

We were the session right before lunch, so I think people were really just listening for “Okay, it’s lunchtime.” I mean, I know I was. It meant I was done and could leave the stage šŸ™‚



We finally heard those words and bolted outside for lunch, which included quinoa salad and sandwiches.


Ashley was apparently a little hungry.


The sandwiches were all on donated Great Harvest bread, and were really filling.


Kath and I split some (dough) balls.


Speaking of Kath, she totally rocked our afternoon. One of her readers shared some Dogfish beer with her, and she shared it with the table.


Which made Monica’s already-interesting discussion about blogger safety even more interesting.



So, it may have taken us a few people to open the bottle.


But it was well worth it.


Gretchen, Tina, me, Ashley and Kath


After our mini cocktail hour, we decided it was time for real cocktail hour and went to vintage, a cute wine bar near the hotel.


Hey Beth!


I <3 these girls. Katy’s presentation was great, obviously, but even more fun was geeking out over HTML, widgets and social media monitoring over a few cocktails.


I also love wine.


We moved over to a whiskey bar called Time before heading over to El Vez for dinner. (Yes, from one place named Time to another.)


My cousin Leanne came to dinner! She put her little twins down to sleep and met us out for some drinks and food. I don’t think she was too overwhelmed by all the bloggers, and she seemed like she had a good time.

It was so great to see her–I used to take the train up to Philly to visit her and go out when I was in college, but for some reason I’ve only been to Philly once since I graduated college. I met a million of her friends back then, so it was fun to introduce her to some of mine.


Ashley talked me into the Pink Cadillac. Margarita? Fine.



Leanne and I ended up splitting the fajitas, which were enough to feed, oh, everyone at the table?


[photo via Meghann]

This morning we did a big group 5K run/walk around some of the sights, including the Rocky steps.


[photo also via Meghann]

Check out that height I got.

photo 1.JPG

photo 2.JPG

Back at the hotel, breakfast and bananas were waiting. (My bananaphone said to go back to sleep.)

After Heather gave Ashley and me a ride back, my parents came in to drop off my little man.


It’s time to catch up on snuggling and napping. I had a great time catching up with blogger buddies and making new ones, but I’m glad to be home.

If you were at HLS, what was your favorite part? If you weren’t at HLS, did you do anything fun this weekend?

27 comments on “Healthy Living Summit Recap

  1. Gabriela @ Une Vie Saine

    It was great to see you this weekend! I think my favorite part of the conference was getting to know people better- I really liked that it wasn’t as structured and jam-packed this weekend. We need to work on an NYC meetup in the near future!!

  2. Fit Chick in the City

    Aw, it’s the first HLS I’ve missed! Looks like you guys had so much fun. I’m seriously loving all your banana photos. Keep up ’em coming. šŸ˜‰

    Oh and great job on the long run. I couldn’t have done it on so little sleep.

    1. Theodora Post author

      @Fit Chick in the City: We missed you!!!! And don’t worry, the banana photos will never stop.

      And the long run was definitely not so fun with so little sleep. (And relatively low fuel from a small dinner and not being able to eat because it was just too damn early.)

  3. Lee

    Looks like a fun weekend. Maybe if there’s one next year, I’ll be able to make it! Props for staying out after 14 miles. I would have fallen asleep around 7pm!

  4. Allison

    I LOVE the red dress you wore- so classy and elegant!

    I wasn’t at HLS this weekend [but I sure do hope to be in the future!]… Saturday night was spent at a baseball game- the epitome of a beautiful summer night B-)

  5. Caitlin

    Loved your presentation! Definitely gave me the confidence to be a little more outgoing via social media! You guys were great. So fun getting to spend a little more time with you this weekend.
    My favorite part of the weekend was meeting new friends, meeting my favorites who I stalk almost daily, and running with a group (I usually do my long runs solo so it was a great change!)
    I second the NYC meetup!

  6. Jillian @ sprinkle massacre

    It was so nice meeting you! It’s funny that after looking at all of the healthy HLS food and Philly restaurant photos above, my only comment is THAT PIZZA LOOKS SO GOOD! Where was I? haha We should definitely do an NYC blogger meet up sometime! šŸ™‚

  7. Ericka Andersen

    Lovely recap my friend! Thanks for your blog comment! Sometimes, I thinK I would fit in so well in NYC with all you wonderful runner friends. I do hope I get to NYC soon. Totally would love to meet up if you are in DC as well!!

  8. donna

    Man I think I’d heard about this and forgot, I may be confusing events. This would be on the weekend when I was stuck in the house. Would have been cool to just see you and Kath (two faces I’d recognize) walking down the street and to say hi:)


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