Let Me See That Lobstah Roll

I’m in Maine!!

After a 4.5 hour train ride and a 2-hour bus ride, I got in around 9pm last night.


We stopped at Amato’s on the way back to grab sandwiches, and I got the chicken pesto. After a long day of travel, I was starving.

We woke up this morning and went for a quick three-mile run before packet pickup.


Packet pickup was a little town hall.



This is, by far, the smallest packet pickup I’ve ever seen.

Because there are less than 300 people running this race! (Making it also, the smallest race I will have ever run.)


But for such a small race, the t-shirts aren’t bad! Tech tees for the win. (Also, hey Lindsay back there. Yes, I will be blogging this.)




We went to lunch at Portland Lobster Company, and I was an incredibly happy lady.


Lobster? Eating on the water? OH YES.


Lindsay, Lizzy and me


Our buzzers were lobster-shaped. I am seriously in love.



Oh sweet lobster and butter.


Afterwards, we walked around downtown Portland for bit and did some shopping. (I bought Bailey a stuffed lobster.)



Mom, I bet you’d like this place.


And then we went to the beach at Pine Point. Lobster and beach in one day!??!?!



And now it’s time to carb-load. I LOVE LIZZY.

19 comments on “Let Me See That Lobstah Roll

  1. Martha

    Love the pics.. Make me homsick for Maine.. I moved away two years ago.. My son is spending his 6th summer working at Portland Lobster Company.. he probably made your roll.. and my daughter used to work on the Bayview Lady… You are so lucky to have spent the day there..

  2. Lee

    We used to have a cabin in Maine and would go every summer when I was a kid. My mom sold it when I was like 13 though. I miss it.

    Good luck in your race!

  3. alison

    Portland looks lovely. I was born in Maine, but moved away when I was three; I’d love to go back and enjoy the sites. Good luck at your race!

  4. Katy Widrick

    YAY! I was actually born in Bangor and my parents now live outside of Camden…I love love LOVE Portland and, as you can imagine, Lucas loves it for all of the breweries and craft beer bars.

  5. Meghan

    wheeeee love seeing people visit where I grew up! Love the Portland Lobster Co and Pine Point is my beach of choice! Good luck w the race!!

  6. Elizabeth

    I now have that tootsie roll song stuck in my head. 🙂 Congrats on a great race! We were down the Cape for a race this weekend (I was using Lizzy’s Falmouth bib haha, worlds collide!) and had those same lobster buzzers at dinner Saturday night. I wanted to stick mine in my purse…


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