In Which I Try to Eat All the Carbs

Second only to eating, my favorite post long-run activity is doing absolutely nothing.

But after a few hours of that, I get bored and am ready to head out again.

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I mean business. Give me some more carbs in a glass, please.



Tina and I tried to go to Ginger Man, but it was incredibly packed, so we headed to the Galway Hooker. (Side note: if you ever go to Ireland, make sure to get to Galway. It’s maybe the most awesome place in the world.)

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Ashley and Bo came to meet us for a drink before our dinner reservation.


We went to BLT Fish Shack for their NYC Craft Beer Week prix-fixe menu: three courses, three beers, $40. Oh yes.




BLT Fish Shack is the more casual version of BLT Fish. It’s reminiscent of a beachside seafood restaurant…but in the middle of NYC.

Rebecca, Gabriela and Clare met up with us for dinner.



Some came for the seafood, but I was excited for the carbs. They brought us out this garlic bread with cheese sauce on it, and I fell in love. I tried really hard to share but don’t think I did a very good job.


Bo ordered this raw bar seafood platter for the table. It was good and all, but the fish weren’t covered in cheese and carbs.


Beer #1: Blue Point Toasted Lager. This was the lightest of the three beers and my favorite.


Course #1: Sweet corn and Maryland crab chowder with paprika toast. The chowder was really good, but I remarked during dinner that I thought there was crack on the toast, it was so good. Crack, paprika. Same thing.


Beer #2: Lagunitas IPA. I’ve had and enjoyed this one before. I’m not a huge fan of beer in bottles, but this is a good one.


Course #2: Tempura fried branzino with broiled Swiss chard and lemon-jalapeno aioli. This was tasty, but the aioli and the fried fish were all incredibly heavy in addition to all the beer we were drinking.


Beer #2: Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout. I’m not usually a stout girl, but this one was pretty good and complemented our dessert well.


Course #3: Mini donuts. These were technically called mini donuts, but they tasted much more like churros.

After we finished, we rolled out of the restaurant and over to Lillie’s for one more drink. When we got home last night, I’m pretty sure we were awake for approximately 30 seconds before collapsing into wonderful long run/full belly slumber.



This morning, I woke up starving, and we walked over to the diner for some breakfast. I had an omelette with avocado, mushrooms and mozzarella…

…but the best part was the toast.

I think I need a carb intervention.

6 comments on “In Which I Try to Eat All the Carbs

  1. ellen

    i stumbled upon craft beer week last night – didn’t know it was going on. enjoyed many, many craft beers, haha. beer is an excellent long run refuel.

  2. Lizzy

    I desperately need a carb intervention. I’ve been eating bagels like they are going out of style!!! But at least you are training! I’m not. Looks like a fun evening.


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