On Tuesdays, We Rest


On my marathon training schedule, Tuesday is my rest day. It’s sort of a random day for a rest day (I’m used to planning them for Friday or the day after my long run and then accidentally taking another one when I get busy), but it’s worked out really well since Junior League started up again–my meetings are on Tuesday nights, and I usually have some extra Junior League stuff to do on Tuesdays to prep for the meetings.

And just between Friday and yesterday, I ran 29 miles, so, yeah. Today I rest!

I had an interview across town this morning, so I walked back home cross-town in the rain afterwards.

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Most of the year, I’m more than excited for rest days. As a former couch potato, I still often have to talk myself into working out. But now, in the heat of marathon training, rest days make me a little antsy. (Again, never thought I’d be that girl.) I want to run!

But rest days are good because they give our bodies time to recover from the hard work of the rest of the week. (So does sleeping! Something else I can totally get behind.)

Which is good, because the rest of the day includes freelance work, a conference call, working on follow-up projects for interviews and prepping for my meeting tonight.


Back to coffee.

10 comments on “On Tuesdays, We Rest

  1. Kimra

    I think one of the reasons I became a morning exerciser is that (as long as I manage to wake up, which granted is dicey sometimes) I’m too tired to come up with excuses for NOT working out. By the end of the day I can think of lots of things to do instead!

  2. Dara

    I am training for my first marathon and I know rest days are important, but I totally agree with feeling antsy! I took a rest day yesterday after an 18.5 mile run and while it felt really good to rest, I was excited to get back to it today!

    Good day to rest with the rainy weather!

  3. Allison

    I sometimes have trouble incorporating rest days into my routine… Usually I take a day off from working out because my day gets busy and I don’t have time [even though I know there’s always time, just gotta make it]! I try and incorporate even some type of physical activity on rest days [walking, swimming for fun, etc.] for my own mental sanity- I get antsy if I’m loafing around too long 😛

  4. Negar

    I know the marathon training is the big topic of your blog lately, I mean, it’s a big deal, but……your job hunt is what I relate to right now :-/ I just moved to the city and I have been totally discouraged by all potential employers and I want to freak out but you seem to be handling it well, and I think that if you can handle it, then damnit, so can I!

    Wew! Now that I got *that* off my chest, do you know of any places that are open 24 hours and have WiFi? I figure if it’s someplace you know of, they either have healthy food or great beer.


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