Things I Never Thought I’d Buy and the 18-Miler That Didn’t Happen

Last night, after coming back from a friend’s new-job happy hour–where I had exactly ONE glass of bubbly–I got into preparing-for-an-18-mile-run mode.

I searched for my Garmin (and found it in the “clever” spot I had put it in the other day.)

Cute, but not functional if I forget.

I made sure my running clothes were clean.

I carb-loaded.


(Whole wheat fusilli with chicken sausage and spinach, based off of this recipe.)

I went to sleep early-ish and set my alarm for 5:30. At 5:30, I snoozed. At 6:30, I finally woke up, with a stomachache and a bit of a headache–from one glass of bubbly?

So much of long distance running is mental, but I just didn’t have the mental game in me today to go out and run the bulk of 18 miles alone. (I was going to try to meet up with Ashley for a few miles.) I wasn’t really feeling the run, so I really couldn’t motivate to do it alone.

My new plan is to try for tomorrow morning in NJ (any Bergen County readers doing a long run tomorrow??? I have to go home for a baby shower) or just do it when I’m back here Sunday morning.

I did have four miles for today on my training schedule before I mixed things up a bit, so I got those four miles in and was actually happy I hadn’t done the 18–I still couldn’t get my head into it for just four.

Lame, Theodora, lame.

So let’s talk about more fun stuff then, eh?

There’s two things I’ve purchased this week that I never thought I would.

1. Compression Socks

Yes, you’re reading that price tag correctly. $60 for socks.

You’re probably wondering what the hell $60 socks do. I was, too. I saw them all over running blogs forever but was able to convince myself they were a ridiculous expense. According to Runner’s World, they help improve circulation to get the toxins and lactic acid out of your muscles. My shins started feeling a little splint-y the other night, so I decided to finally go for these socks.

I bought the CEP ones because that’s what the guy at the running store recommended. He measured my calf first, and gave me the equivalent of a medium. So far, I wore them around the house for a bit yesterday and slept in them last night and those beginnings of shin splints seem to be gone.

I used some of the gift cards I won from Janetha. I said I was going to use them for a package to Physique, but right now I need these more.

2. BlenderBottle

After the Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference, I was sent samples of Big Train‘s Fit Frappes to review. (More on that another time.) While you can make them in a blender, that can get a little messy…if you’re me. One of the other options was just to drink it as a shake.

I’d seen these BlenderBottle cups before but sort of wrote them off as only for meathead dudes and their protein shakes. (Even though I, too, am a fan of protein powder.) I realized that these cups would make preparing these and other drinks/smoothies much easier. And they’re only $8-9, even in NYC. I’ve so far had a Fit Frappe a day since buying the cup.

Do you think that things like compression socks and blender cups are completely useless, too, or are you a convert? What have you bought that you never thought you would?






23 comments on “Things I Never Thought I’d Buy and the 18-Miler That Didn’t Happen

  1. Summer

    I just bought compression socks, too. Mine are Recovery Socks, not CEP, but I got a smokin’ deal on them at wholesale price ($18!!) because Razzy Roo was clearing out the last of her sock supplies. I’d been wanting compression socks for a while, just couldn’t choke down the $60 (or even $40 that I’ve seen CEPs on ebay go for), so when I saw these for $18 I knew I had to do it. Been loving them so far.

    Blender cups are convenient as hell, no uselessness there!

    1. Theodora Post author

      @Summer: $18? That’s amazing. If I hadn’t had gift cards, I don’t know if I would have ponied up $60…but I’m glad I did. And sorta in love with the blender cup now. Even to drink water out of–I like the straw.

  2. Tara

    I have bought a foam roller that I originally laughed at when I first found them online. But it helped my knee and leg pain a tremendous amount.I love it!! I am now standing up for work a lot and have looked at compression sleeves and The Stick as well!

    1. Theodora Post author

      I will usually just push through…but 18 miles is an awful lot to push through when you’re really not feeling it.

  3. Kimra

    Running has made me buy so many things I never thought I’d buy: compression socks (which I lurrrvvveeeee — I use the Smartwool ones for recovery), Gu and other Gu-like substances, Body Glide …

  4. Heather @ girlyeverafter

    I probably need compression socks but can’t seem to bring myself to paying that much for them when I can get a cute shirt instead;) But the blender bottle is a must for me when I’m running late after a workout and don’t have time for a real blended smoothie.

  5. Katherine

    Yeah I missed my run this morning too…C’est le vie, at least we have the whole weekend to try again!

    I wish they made a whole compression body sock…I’ve thought about trying a pair, but it’s really my upper thighs and hips that give me problems

  6. mary lynne

    Compression socks are a total must for any active person! You might find yourself graduating to full on compression tights and compression shirts. Great for recovery as well.
    I may have to try a blender cup, my blender is just so big and bulky and time consuming in the mornings!

  7. Caitlin

    I went to Jack Rabbit today and seriously spent a full 10 minutes staring at compression socks but couldn’t justify the cost (after spending lots of $$ on shoes, fuel, and The Stick). Will you let me know if you think they are a must have after a few days? 🙂

  8. tiffany @ texan on the run

    sorry as a med student, i feel the need to correct this…

    the compression socks work by decreasing the circulation to your lower limbs (as indicated by the name, they compress your legs. compression = less blood flow) and thereby decreasing the inflammation that is the contributing factor to the pain/soreness you’re feeling after a long run.

    when you do really long runs and do damage to your muscles, you get a lot of microtears. when your body senses all these micro-tears, it wants to repair/fix it by sending a lot of immune cells to the micro-tear sites that transport through the blood. one of the side effects of your immune system trying to repair the micro-tear due to the run, is inflammation, which is the cause of the pain/soreness you’re feeling after a run.

    SO, compression socks decrease the blood flow to your legs, so less blood travels to your legs, less immune cells travel there, less inflammation, less hurting!

    of course your body needs to repair it afterwards, but you just slow down the process by wearing the compression socks.

    hope that makes sense!

  9. Heather

    I LOVE the blender bottle. I’m healing a leaky gut and have to drink medical food everyday. It’s a life saver. Gets all of the clumps out and just rocks. I won’t ever be without one now.

  10. maria @ Chasing the Now

    I recently bought a similar bottle for my smoothies. I make HUGE smoothies and none of our cups would hold them. I found mine at TJ Maxx for like $3.

    As far as compression socks… I really want to get some (training for my first marathon) but I can’t justify the price right now! So expensive.


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