Every Day I’m Taperin’

I didn’t blog yesterday because I literally did not have a thing to say, but today was a fun day, so here I am.

Days that start with long runs usually are good ones.

This morning I got to leave at a little after 8 to meet up with Ashley, Rebecca, Melissa, Megan, Sue and Laura for my last double-digit training run!
photo 1.JPG

I ran about 2.5 miles over to the base of the Queensboro Bridge to meet these three lovely ladies. I took a spin class yesterday since I was just so bored of my regular cross-training (swimming or biking on my own), but it left my legs exhausted, so I really felt like I was shuffling through Times Square, up 5th Ave and across 59th to meet up with them. #everydayimshufflin

From the Queensboro Bridge, we ran the last 10 miles of the marathon. (Just in case I didn’t get enough last week.) I ran with Megan, Sue and Laura.
photo 2.JPG

So long as the marathon is above 40-45 degrees, this will be my marathon outfit!

We ran up 1st Ave to the Bronx, across Alexander Ave, and then back down 5th Ave. It’s going to be hilly. My legs will be exhausted by this point. Duly noted.

It’s crazy how marathon training skews your perception of “relatively short.” Last night, I was excited that I “only” had 12.5 miles today. I restarted my watch when I met up with the girls and was excited to have “only” 10 miles to go!

We got to Columbus Circle, and I peaced out right away–I was not going to run one step further in the wrong direction than I had to. I didn’t really care about running that last half a mile-ish.

I walked home to cool down–and by cool, I actually mean freeze–and went for my usual bagel and coconut water before getting in the shower to turn around and get ready to leave again. Last year, I usually vegged on my couch all day after long runs, but this year, I’ve always had a lot going on after my long runs. Which is good. (For me. Not for my friends who get to hear more about what a great run I had that morning!)

After today’s run, I was going out Lacey’s for a Bring Your Own Pumpkin Party. (Except I forgot my pumpkin. Oops.)

I did not bring my own pumpkin, but I did bring my own pumpkin whoopie pies! (Thanks to Alexis for the recipe.) I substituted whole wheat flour, egg whites and low-fat cream cheese, just because that’s what I happened to have on hand. There’s still plenty of sugar, butter and oil though!

So, I was sort of proud of my creation.

Lacey put glitter on those pumpkins!

Shannon made a crab dip.

Lacey also made these candy corn jello shots. They. were. so. tasty.

Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots!

These weren’t filled with vodka.

Neither were these, but they were damn good.

So was this green bean salad. I mean, anything with truffle oil and cheese is.

And hot dogs!

10 comments on “Every Day I’m Taperin’

  1. Lindsey

    Hi hi hiya!! I saw you running on the street this morning and I wanted to say sorry if I scared you! 🙂 My hubby said he had no idea why I was yelling at some lady I didn’t know. It just so happens that I read Tina’s blog and see her mention you a lot. When we planned our trip to NYC, I thought “wouldn’t it be cool if I saw Theodora?!”. Yea right – impossible! I’m from a little town in TN so I was SO shocked to actually see you running on the streets! It’s almost like I met a famous person. (well, yelled at them on the street – hee hee) Really! Thanks for sharing your story on the web. I’m sooooo happy that I saw you practicing a healthy lifestyle just like you blog about. By the way, you look skinnier in person. 🙂

    1. Theodora Post author

      @Lindsey: aw! I’m so sorry I didn’t stop–I was *almost* at the end of my run and just wanted to finish. I hope you’re having fun here!


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