In Which I Go to the Suburbs



And eat….oh, pretty much the same thing for breakfast. Difference: I had some eggs with the English muffin and had almond butter instead of sunflower butter.

Walking on the wild side, clearly.

I also ran. Again, wild side.


Went to Costco and found a pumpkin pie bigger than an infant for only $6.99.


Then found some real pumpkins, including one to call my very own.


White pumpkins? Is this a thing and we just don’t get these in the city or have you never seen these either?


How tall am I?


I am 5’6″, according to this. Or I’m about to be thrown in pumpkin jail and this all a farce.


I ate at the diner. (Obviously. This is how we roll in NJ.)


Slightly creepy.


Super creepy.



My mom and I even found a nature preserve. I mean, I guess that’s what it was. There was no bodega on the corner, so I guess I must have been out in nature.

Back in the city. Whew.

6 comments on “In Which I Go to the Suburbs


    Um, are those sweet potato fries? I could surive solely on sweet potato fries.

    I love white pumpkins! You can’t get them in Chicago either but if you venture out past the city limits you find yourself one. Glad you survived the non-urban lifestyle and made it safely back to the city!

  2. janetha

    You are getting down with your bad self–switching up the spreads! Haha. I don’t care what anyone says, Costco’s $7 pumpkin pie is THE VERY BEST. It’s so damn good and I have been known to eat 1/3 of the pie at once. <3 it. I see white pumpkins all the time!


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