Taper Madness: Taking it Easy (+ 30/60/90 Giveaway Winners!)

When I was overweight, I was pretty good at taking it easy.


This was not the body of someone who spent a lot of time at the gym or running.

Since losing weight, I’ve learned to like exercise a lot more, and even make it part of my social life.


Yay running with friends.

While I still wouldn’t say I’m addicted to exercise, and while I still consider it a victory every time I choose working out over being lazy, I do enjoy exercise a lot more than I used to. But I still don’t think I push myself too hard or overexert myself.

Well, yesterday, I went back to the physical therapist and my lower back was really sore and my knee was a little crunchy again.

“How did your long run go?”

“Great! No pain or crunchiness, just a little stiffness.”

As we continued working on my knees and hips, I let it slip that, oh, I might have done a spin class the day before my long run and my legs felt really tired.

“Why would you do that? Spin is not an easy workout–especially the day before a long run.”

“Because I was bored with my usual cross-training of biking and swimming on my own?”

Well, now, as my lovely physical therapist so kindly reminded me, is not the time to take a class that’s hard. Even if I think I can handle it. My muscles need to be rebuilding themselves and repairing themselves from all of the work I’ve been putting them through in the past almost-4 months of marathon training.

“So I probably shouldn’t tell you about that yoga class I did Sunday and felt really sore afterwards?”

I’m posting this as a reminder to myself and a reminder to anyone else tapering–NO. HARD. WORKOUTS. Nothing that makes you sore. Those hard workouts will be there after the marathon.


I was subjected to this sweaty chamber of anti-gravity as my punishment.

Fellow marathoners: what’s your next-favorite hard workout after running that you’re excited to get back to after a marathon? For me, I’d say 30/60/90 (I haven’t dared to try it during training), barre classes and the occasional spin class.

I’ve picked my 30/60/90 giveaway winners! (Or, that handy little plugin has.)

Screen shot 2011-10-26 at 8.36.00 AM.png

Blair, Cristina and Jaimie: can you please email me (theodora at losingweightinthecity dot com) your mailing addresses?

11 comments on “Taper Madness: Taking it Easy (+ 30/60/90 Giveaway Winners!)

  1. Mari

    Body Pump and Climbing!!!

    Both of which leaves me pathetically sore so I can’t do it right now…

    Really looking forward to the marathon, and I’ve totally enjoyed the training, but also looking forward to being able to do new things afterwards.

  2. Margaret

    omg, i need someone behind me saying the same things, half marathon and tennis on saturday, does not provide for a good taper…

  3. Liz

    I love that you post your “old self” pics, I used to cringe when people would tag me in FB pics from college, or right after when I was living large, today though, I could care less…it’s not who I am now and I’m ok with that old self! Woa, acceptance!

    I really can’t wait to dive into Crossfit. I have been going to a CF gym for the past 3 months, but only 2 or 3x per week, and have even missed a few full weeks here and there. I’m excited to see how far I can push myself there.

  4. Meg Gayman

    Ah! This is the reminder that I will need come April. I have a hard time staying away from the gym sometimes, but I know that tapering will be important. I’m going to HATE cutting back on CF, but if I want to run fast I know that it’s best to stick to the plan and take it easy within the last couple of weeks.

  5. Beth @ Beth's Journey

    I’ve noticed I’ve had a muuuuuch more varied workout routine since I stopped training for the marathon. Monday night I did a Total Body Conditioning workout, and tonight I’m doing a water aerobics class – both new-to-me this week. Exercise classes are so fun!

  6. Ericka @ The Sweet Life

    Oh yes, I hate the monotony of the same thing again and again. I’m looking forward to getting back into my strength training fitness classes (total body conditioning, it’s called.) I walk about with the sorest butt evahhh but during marathon training I focus only on running. I’ve lost the definition in my arms so can’t wit to see that again too!

  7. Michelle

    Whoops! So spin last night was a no? Weirdest thing.. ever since marathon training my body craves much harder workouts. Like an elliptical session just won’t cut it. I think that’s why I like spin so much.

  8. Ali @ Ali Runs

    It’s so funny because the same exact thing happened to me 2 weeks before my marathon (which I ran on Sunday, woo hoo). I did a spin class thinking it would be a great idea, but I woke up the next morning feeling way more sore than I should have. After that I took a definite break from hard classes at the gym. Now that I’m done with the race, I’m itching to start spinning again.

  9. Kristina

    Definitely love the spin, especially with certain instructors. There is this one guy whose class makes me want to puke EVERY SINGLE TIME.
    As for taking it easy – I’m not running a marathon, but I spent the summer really pushing myself. When fall hit, I was so tempted to sign up for a bazillion races, but the rational side of my brain actually won out this time. Now, I think that my knee has thanked me for taking the past few weeks a bit more easy than maybe I wanted.
    I’m hoping that an easier fall will let me begin to push myself and have a great spring/summer running and biking season.
    Sometimes, I read the blogs and feel like I *should* be doing more, but I also have to take care of my body, especially as I begin my 5th decade!


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