My Last Day of Unemployment

Whew. Today is my last day of being unemployed.

THANK GOD. The past few months have not been easy for me, and I’m really excited about my new job.

So how am I spending this last completely unstructured day?

Still getting over my cold.


These are my best friends today.


And soup.

I want to work out, but I’m still feeling pretty worn out, so I’m going to play it safe for another day and keep resting (or MAYBE attempt an easy workout tonight.) I’m big on trying to just baby myself when I’m sick so I can get well fast, rather than suffer through a cold for weeks.


I also got a manicure before my first day (OPI Suzi Takes the Wheel)


and got a delicious panini from an Italian deli near me that puts the panini from those big delis that sell a bit of everything to shame. This one had chicken, arugula, a little mozzarella and proscuitto and was bursting with flavor. I had half with that can of soup and plan on doing the same for dinner.


What’s Next?

Over the past 2.5+ years, this blog of mine has changed directions a few times. I started off taking pictures of everything I ate, which was tremendously helpful when I was losing weight, but I got sick of doing that sometime earlier this year. When I got laid off, I was reading a lot of running blogs and training for the NYC Marathon, so I blogged a ton about running. Now that I’m running less (just for now) and going back to work, to be honest, I’m not sure if the focus of my blog will change at all, but I’m just going to go with it. Consider yourself warned.

17 comments on “My Last Day of Unemployment

  1. Kimra

    Good luck tomorrow! It took me a while to feel like working was my real life again — it was like getting through the first day of school and thinking, “Oh hey, that wasn’t so bad! Oh wait, I have to do it again tomorrow? … forever?” Heh. Good thoughts for a smooth transition! Wherever it takes you, I’m excited to read about it!

  2. Katie @ Livehalffull

    Good luck tomorrow! I love your blog and I think this new direction in your life will naturally be a good new direction for your blog! A new change and adjustment=good blog material and helpful to all of us working women! 🙂


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