Thankful for My Health

I just got back from visiting my dad in the hospital, and man, am I feeling grateful for my health right now. Sure, I’m not feeling well myself, but I just have a bad cold from being run-down. Otherwise, I have a body that is capable of running marathons, a body I’m happy with the looks of and a body that keeps me healthy. I have a few health conditions, but nothing debilitating or that regularly interferes with my quality of life. (Just sometimes.) For this, I am thankful.

And my dad is definitely in some pain and discomfort right now, but he’s going to be okay, too. I’m also thankful that my parents are still mostly healthy. I’m definitely not ready to take care of them. (I would, in a heartbeat, but I hope to not have to for a very long time.)


What a pretty, sunny picture, right? The waiting area of the hospital is actually gorgeous–there’s a baby grand in the lobby (!?)–but god, hospitals can be depressing if you’re not in the maternity ward. I’m hoping my dad is released tomorrow as scheduled.

photo (40).JPG

I’ll probably post tomorrow about what else I’m thankful for, but right now I’m also thankful for this (not-at-all healthy) sandwich I had for lunch from the Market Basket. Swiss, turkey and Jarlsberg on a croissant. All I want is comfort food when I’m sick, and this totally fit the bill.

By the way, Glamour asked me for my favorite tip for staying healthy for Thanksgiving. Go check it out! I’m all for indulging, but I don’t want to waste calories on eating stuff that I don’t care about just because it’s in front of me and it’s Thanksgiving. Plus, I need to leave room for wine and pumpkin pie!

6 comments on “Thankful for My Health

  1. Ashley @ Coffee Cake and Cardio

    I hope your Dad is able to go home soon!

    question: how do you balance your day when you eat a sandwich like you had today? I hope that sounds right. It just helps me to see how people can enjoy what they eat but still balance out their calories in order to avoid weight gain.


    1. Theodora

      @Ashley @ Coffee Cake and Cardio: During a normal week, I probably wouldn’t do anything to balance it out, since I don’t think one less-healthy meal makes that much of an impact in an otherwise healthy diet. Since I know I’ll be eating a lot during this holiday week, I made sure to make a healthy choice at dinner last night. We ordered Chinese, and I got steamed chicken and broccoli, with sauce on the side.

    1. Theodora Post author

      Thankful for you, too! Now that I have a j-o-b and regular income again, I need to look into a weekend in Florida 🙂


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