Drinking My Protein


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While I generally try to save drinking my calories for wine, it’s not always possible to have a glass of wine after a workout or in the middle of the afternoon when I want a snack.

As I’ve said before, I stay away from dairy since my stomach hates it. So many healthy snacks involve cheese or yogurt, so I usually just go with a bar, but sometimes I want some extra fruits and veggies in my life. Or sometimes I’m out and about and don’t have time to eat a regular meal but need some calories.


And so I’ll drink my calories in the form of a protein shake or a smoothie with protein. I love smoothies to death, but smoothies without protein don’t do anything for me.


Why drink protein? And…what do you mean by drinking protein? Is this, like, ground beef put through a blender?

Soy protein in a drink…

…helps with satiety

…increases energy levels

…helps build and maintain lean muscles

…is cheaper than dairy-based protein. In drinks also made with dairy ingredients, soy protein can replace up to 50 percent of the dairy protein without compromising any taste.


Yet again, I’m giving away a $50 grocery store card!

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