Surf’s Up!

Usually the former reporter in me writes about a fun event I went to within the next 24 hours. Otherwise it feels like old news to me, even though I’m not really breaking any news up in here.

(So I will never use the phrases: “breaking news” or “this just in” on my blog. I promise.)


So it’s driven me nuts that I haven’t had time to write about this workout before now. Last week, I tried out SurfSet, a workout that takes place on a surfboard on top of something like a Pilates reformer.

Sarah had gone a few weeks earlier and wrote a really good review, and I was dying to try it. I emailed the SurfSet people, told them I’d read Sarah’s review, also had a blog and would love to try it. They’d originally planned a blogger class but ended up just inviting me to their launch event, which was held in a loft in Chelsea.

I have never been surfing (I finally worked up the nerve to in Hawaii, called to make an appointment for a lesson…and the waves weren’t good enough), so I was pretty nervous about the workout. That, and I lost any balance I once had as a gymnast once I started running.

As Sarah said in her review, the CEO, Mike, loved surfing but felt you couldn’t get a workout like that in the gym–that you could only achieve the same kind of results through functional fitness. The idea of this functional fitness is similar to Vipr or CrossFit–that you do movements that mimic real-life situations or sports and train muscle groups to work together, rather than working them in isolation as you do when weight lifting.


We did lunge-type moves (these were the hardest), pop-ups…


…paddling with these straps…


…and just trying to stand up. Do you see how crooked my board is here? If that was a real wave, I’d be swimming with the fishies right now.

We did a 30-minute full-body version, but there are also yoga and core versions. While this was one of the most unique and fun workouts I’ve done all year, it’s another not-cheap one– $285 for 8 classes. It was definitely a full-body workout, but not as intense as I expected. They’re currently doing a road show of sorts to look for gyms to teach it at, but Chelsea Piers is where they’re starting off in NYC.

What’s the weirdest/coolest workout you’ve done this year?

14 comments on “Surf’s Up!

  1. Corrie Anne

    So fun! I wonder if I could find that in Denver. I’d just like to TRY it. Probably wouldn’t trade in my running/weight training schedule for something. But it would be FUN!

  2. Victoria

    That looks so fun!! I love to surf, but sometimes have a hard time popping up before the wave dies (waves in Savannah are sometimes teeny!). I wish we had access to cool classes. I was born in NY, so I sometimes go back up to visit family. Maybe next time I go up I will venture in from LI and take a class!

  3. Allison

    I’ve only been surfing once and loved it! I’d def be willing to try a SurfSet class, but I agree, it’s a little pricy :Z Wonder if there toad show is coming to the DC area?!

    1. Theodora Post author

      @Allison: yes! I do think I remember them saying it’s heading to DC, but I would email them and check if it is and see if you can get them to hook you up with a free class!

  4. Linda Chan

    Wow. That’s really expensive. I think I’ll try some other work-outs before I try that. It looks like fun, though.

  5. Sarah

    Glad you enjoyed it!! Yay. So fun. Their goal is to sell the machine to different clubs and then the clubs will be able to decide how much charge I believe. But yes, they are visiting most cities around the US.


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