Tips For Surviving Holiday Eating (and Still Fitting Into Your Pants!)

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So, today is my company holiday party. From 2-6 in the afternoon.

I’m the new girl (and I’m not dumb), so I will be all responsible…and stuff.

(Although this flowchart is currently circulating the office.  We’re sort of considering the “rum and coke and dancing” option.)

So, how does someone who lost 50 pounds and doesn’t want to gain it all back navigate the nutritional minefield that the holidays can sometimes be?


Believe me, I love carbs as much as the next marathoner, but the holidays are a series of sprints, not a marathon (um, right?). I’m all for indulging without care or remorse on the actual holidays, but when there’s a Christmas party or some reason to go out every night and I just can’t fit in as many workouts, I need a plan of attack so that I can still fit into all my pants running tights January 1.

So here’s how I do:

Protein: I look for the plainest protein I can find—the one with the least sauces and breading—and grab that. It will usually be the leanest. If it’s a hot/cold buffet situation, I always look for smoked salmon. It’s tasty and satiating and the Omega-3s will fight the champagne and other toxins I’m putting in my body.

Veggies: Unless there’s some sort of special veggie dish, again, I look for the plainest veggies I can find. Not only is this better for me from a health standpoint, but my stupid sensitive stomach stays happy, too.

Once I’ve made sure I’ve added some protein and fiber to my plate, it’s all systems go for the other stuff. I also try to eat the better-for-me stuff first so that I’m less likely to go bananas on the other stuff, since I’m no longer eating it on an empty stomach.


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  1. Kristy Doyle

    I tweeted! (@kristy_joy). P.S. I’m so glad I found your blog! I used to read you on Tumblr, but when it got blocked at work, I wasn’t able to as often. Yay!


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