Worlds Colliding

My worlds have felt like they’re colliding a lot lately. Some of the accounts I’m working on at work are health and fitness-focused, so some of my work has involved research on bloggers and blogger events, and it’s been a ton of fun. But weird to be researching some people I know on a friendly basis for work reasons.


Last night, I descended a set of stairs into an alternate universe at Snap, a sports bar in the Meatpacking District.


Do you recognize this pretty lady? If you just read her blog, you may not know that she’s also kind of a big deal on YouTube. She came down for a YouTube meetup, and I went and pretended that I, too, was a big deal on YouTube and crashed her YouTube meetup.


What about him? Do you recognize him?

He is also apparently kind of a big deal on YouTube… and he’s Heather (formerly…) of Hangry Pants’ husband. He was sitting next to Sarah and I recognized his name on his nametag and had no idea about his YouTube stardom, so assumed it was not the same Mark. But then he was talking to Sarah and mentioned he lived in NJ and had just bought a house and then I told him “Wait! I know who you are! I’ve been to your house.”



Here’s his YouTube host buddy.


Afterwards, Sarah and I went to Blue Ginger to get something to eat. She talked me into trying seaweed salad, and it was amazing.


So, we sort of like sushi.


Requisite blogger taking photos photo.


The decor was absolutely hilarious. This is the PG version. There was a painting in the bathroom that I won’t even put up here. You have to go see it.

13 comments on “Worlds Colliding

  1. Sarah Jayne

    Love when work meets play meets work. Or is it play meets work meets play? Also: You look redonkulously hot with the red lips. M e likey. Also. The paiting. I wish I could see the x rated ones!!! Some day!?!?

  2. Kim K

    you were up in new england?! fun! while up in wellesley did you check out Miss Fit Club from Bravo’s Wicked Fit show?

    i have always wanted to try blue ginger but never got around to it. i might have to now bc that sushi looks redonk!

      1. Lizzy

        @Theodora: ha there is a blue ginger in wellesley, It’s Ming Tsai’s restuarant and wicked nice (and insanely expensive). I assume yours is different? Looks like you had fun with Sarah! Wish I was with you guys! xo

  3. Allison

    The sushi restaurant we frequently go to has some hilarious and obscene pictures that are probs similar to the one you saw in the bathroom 😛 What’s up with all that- sushi and sexytime?! Oh my!

  4. Lesley

    What happened to Hangry Pants? I loved Heather’s blog and I was so excited to see pics of her and Marks’ wedding 🙁

  5. Tasha

    I love, love, love seaweed salad. In San Francisco there is this great sushi place that has something called a swamp roll. It’s basically a spicy tuna roll with seaweed salad on top. No one else makes them, so I always order both and ghetto rig my own. Try it next time you go to sushi, it’s so delish.


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