One of the Websites That Makes My Life Easier

I was selected for this sponsored review by the Clever Girls Collective. To learn more about ZocDoc, please visit their website.

It might actually surprise you to learn that I’m a relatively private person (despite sharing a lot of my life on my blog.)

While some people don’t think twice about making the occasional personal phone call at work, I’m not one of those people. My coworkers don’t need to know that I’m making an appointment for highlights, teeth cleaning, that god-awful once-yearly awesome lady doctor visit or for an endoscopy. It’s also annoying that when I run out for lunch and attempt to make these calls, most doctors’ offices are out to lunch, too.

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So when I discovered ZocDoc a few years ago while attempting to find a doctor’s phone number, I was hooked.

The site is really clean and easy to navigate.

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You put in the specialty of doctor you’re looking for, zip code and insurance information, and it shows you not only which doctors take your insurance, but when they have available appointments. No more calling to find out they don’t accept new patients or your health insurance and no nosy coworkers hearing about your symptoms. What? You thought I said warts? Nope, I was talking about forts. Pillow forts.

You can also see ratings of the doctors and learn about their specialties and what languages they speak, if you need a doctor who speaks another language. The site also gives you an option to provide your insurance information ahead of time so you can save time at the doctor’s office. You can also save it automatically to your Google Calendar or iCal, which I love, since I would die if my Google Calendar were wiped out

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Once you make your appointment, you get an email confirmation immediately.

The site is also committed to helping you live a healthy life–they have a great email newsletter, and their Facebook page regularly shares healthy tips.

The service, however, is limited to those living in major U.S. cities.

Do you or would you use ZocDoc? What websites make your life easier? Other than Google and all of its wonderfulness–that’s a given.

9 comments on “One of the Websites That Makes My Life Easier

  1. Allison

    Thanks so much for sharing! I have had so many health related issues the past few years and experiencing some currently so I have a feeling ZocDoc is going to be one of my go-to sites [bookmarking it now]! Do they have an app for it?

    1. Theodora Post author

      @Allison: They do have an app! I didn’t really mention it because I personally probably wouldn’t use it because I–thankfully–don’t need to make too many doctor’s appointments.

  2. Liv

    What a great concept – I would totally use this. I live in NJ, and it is not completely live for my area, but I will keep checking back. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Kate

    We have the same dentist! Well, it’s the same practice at least. I really like them there. I also love ZocDocs. I recommend them all the time, and I’m honestly so surprised more people don’t know about them. Great post!


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