Protein on the Go (Giveaway!)

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I’m usually on the go more often than I’m home. Between working full-time, chairing a Junior League committee and serving on a Junior League task force, working out and training for races, and maintaining an active social life, I spend more time outside my apartment than inside it, usually, which means lots of eating and snacking on the go.

While I would basically like to just eat all carbs all the time, that’s not really realistic, nor is it satiating, so I try to make sure all my snacks are balanced, too.


My favorite protein-on-the-go, for its easiness, is a protein bar. I usually go for Luna bars, but I really just aim for anything that has at least 7 grams of protein. I do actually find though that bars with a ton of protein make me a bit nauseous.

Other easy sources of protein on the go:

  • hard-boiled eggs (I actually became sort of addicted to them this summer. If you’re super-lazy, Trader Joe’s sells them in a bag with all the work already done for you.)
  • protein powder in a shake or smoothie. With a blender cup, this is actually a pretty easy one to get done at work.
  • sunflower butter (or any other nut butter). With a piece of toast or an English muffin and banana, this is probably the best snack known to woman.
  • Greek yogurt (if your stomach tolerates lactose better than mine, you’re lucky.)

I have another (by I, I mean the very nice PR agency who will actually send this to you) grocery store gift card for one lucky winner!

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33 comments on “Protein on the Go (Giveaway!)

  1. Allison

    Luna and Cliff Mojo bars are my fave on-the-go snacks, they’re like a healthy candy bar! Sometimes if I’m in a snacky mood, I’ll make a little cereal/ nut mix that holds me over… I’ve noticed that combo of a little healthy fat, protein, carbs, and fiber are the keys to staving off my hunger 🙂

  2. E

    I really like Lara bars.
    They have very few ingredients and so are very natural and super healthy.
    I have a question for you… if you are not home much how do you balance time with your puppy?
    I too have a little canine at home and as an active, social single girl I find it hard to make sure I spend enough time with Lola.

    1. Theodora

      @E: I definitely have a hard time with that. I try to make sure we have lots of quality snuggle time when I am home and do try to say no as often as I can. It’s a really hard balance.

  3. tracey

    Tweeted! My favorite way to get extra protein is greek yogurt – it’s my go to snack every night, with some blueberries or strawberries. Yummo!


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