Updates on All the Things

I know I’m a little behind on some updates, so here goes:

Strength/Half-Marathon Training Update

Screen shot 2012-01-24 at 11.00.07 PM.png

Monday: strength training–check!

Tuesday: 3-mile tempo–check!

Wednesday: 6x400s–check!

Thursday: abs class before work

Friday: rest (so good at that!)

Saturday: 5-6 mile run (I ended up moving that to Sunday because of the weather…)

Sunday: and only got 4 miles in

The check-in for this week won’t be as pretty. I’ve been burning the candle at both ends with work and Junior League, and I haven’t been doing as well with my workouts as I’d like.

Eat In More


You haven’t seen many updates because I haven’t been cooking anything new, but I made some pulled pork last night, in the easiest way possible: I put a pork butt (haha) in the slow cooker with some water, garlic and onion and let it do its thing for four hours. I put it in at 8 and set an alarm for midnight to turn it to “warm.” I brought it for lunch with some brown rice and broccoli and just had it as a sandwich when I got home tonight. You can put the BBQ sauce and all that jazz in it to cook, which I would have done if I had a full bottle, but I’m guessing putting a little less once it’s all done has gotta be at least somewhat healthier, right?

Fashion Update


I swear on my sweet, fluffy dog that one session with a stylist will not turn me into a style blogger or even someone who regularly posts her outfits, but when I put together one I like? Well, you might see it. Yesterday: black leggings, long-sleeved purple top, black knee-high boots and black boyfriend blazer, buttoned, collar popped, sleeves rolled up. Simple, but I felt good, and I loved it.

What about you? How are you doing with strength training? Any other random updates?

13 comments on “Updates on All the Things

  1. Brandi @ Faith Fitness and Laughter

    Pulled pork looks good! 🙂 I feel like I am eating the same thing over and over again, so my blog just looks the same when it comes to food! 🙂
    I am currently doing the BodyRock tv Challenge and it’s been amazing! Especially for my upper body. I have a very weak core and upper body, but this has helped so much!

  2. Shannon

    I love your outfit. Pieces like those are my staples. I swear dressing for the office in the winter is so much easier than in the summer here in NYC. (and maybe other places too, but I don’t live there so I have no idea.)

    1. Theodora Post author

      I really don’t care about losing pounds–now that I’ve hit my goal weight, I don’t care about the number–but I am trying to get rid of some stomach fat/tone up a bit. And dress for my body 🙂

      Oh don’t worry–I’m fabulous at both rest and fun time!

  3. Olivia

    I’m rocking the weight training lately! It’s been my goal for 2012 – as well as not drinking a sip of soda which I’ve also stuck to!

    Next goal? NEVER EVER EVER EAT MCDONALDS. Not even at Bfast. Read too many McD horror stories this morning.

  4. Lauri

    I have taken a few Body Scuplt classes at my work gym (sort of like Body Pump) but my nw goal is to fully comitt to a long term strength program so I bought the New Rules of Lifting for Women and am starting the program next week. So excited!

  5. emjei

    I’m having the same problem of getting used to a new body and struggling with fashion choices. I tend to go back to old habits and keep grabbing huge pants or skirts and slightly tighter shirts and tops (I used to be pear-shaped, so that worked well) whereas now my ass is not so big, and I’ve come to realize that, in proportion, I have very broad shoulders (who knew, I was so focused on my behind…). I have to completely change the thought process behind picking clothes and step out of my comfort zone.
    Sadly, as I live in Argentina, I have much fewer choices than you do in New York, and I don’t have the possibility of getting a stylist (I don’t think there even are stylists here, but if there are, only probably movie starts can afford their services!).
    So I just pick small tips here and there, and I got a few out of your post too, so thank you. My favorite: accentuate the waist by using belts (now that I have an actual waist!).

  6. Sheelbeel

    I love that a good blazer makes any outfit look unbelievably awesome. I really need to invest in a good one. And that looks like a solid plan for the week! Have fun!


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